In today's competitive climate ,marketing and customers data have became the most Important key of strategic competition for many firm. This advances In business and marketing makes firms more sensitive for data with the efficacy of increasing role of information technologies in preparing marketing strategies and its implementation. Together with increasing value of data and blooming customers - focused marketing concept , firms have trended to systematic operations for collecting and storing data f the customer and using them beneficially.

With this way ,data base marketing concept has appeared . Data base marketing is to discover and analyze process of unseen information from large amount of data of current or potential customers. With query to data base, the answers to questions such as " Who is our customers whom we made a profit of 10. 000 YET last year? " or 'Who is our credit card user customers? " are given. In spite of that , with data base marketing and data mining , the questions Like " who Is our customers who have common shopping valorous? O aggregate)" or "What are other products or services sold with credit card to associate ) can be answered. Basket analysis aims to find positive and negative correlation between sold products. If an example is given ,the research which was reconnected by TESTS one the biggest supermarket of U. K, have to be the first minded. In Deco's diapers and beers are sold together on the same stands on Fridays. Diaper and beer. The reason is very simple. At weekends while English men look after their babies , they watch football ND while they watch football . Hey usually drink beer. There may be no other way to discover that diapers and beers are in the same basket during Fridays shopping than data base marketing . The information , about 70% percent of people who buy stocks from internet, are over 40 years old and play golf, has triggered online investment firms to be main sponsor of golf tournaments. Data base marketing makes directors proactive and raises their Information based decision ability via prophecy / foresee.

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It systematically stores current or potential customers data to search purchasing habits and conversion factors and to develop marketing plan. To become important in data base marketing has caused formation of some concepts such as CRM (Customer relation management) and one to one marketing . Those concepts were founded on the base of data base marketing and became one of the most Important strategic factor for many films. However,data base marketing Is not only a process or technological progress . Elk In all Jobs ,the most important factor of data base marketing is "human".

To behave separately to efferent customers , you have to combine many people who are able to act different part in wide range of functions. Not only your employee have to find what is the meaning of being customer - focused , but also do they want to make it real . They have to adopt In principle as If It Is their own Idea. Even it is composed of strategy ,system and process , It Is at the same time % 90 percent mental action. Communication tool . It has a meaning and philosophy and it is a modern method and base which makes customer relationship portable ,developed and more effective.