Given its expertise and experiences in contracting and placement of antedates as well as its employers growing demands for its able manpower sourcing, the company in 2009, saw the need to establish a branch on Ardent City, Panamanian. Abreast with the latest technology, the company has successfully provided staffing link between Job seekers and employers with the aim to successfully match both parties for a perfect Job fit.

The recognition of the POPE through constantly inviting the company in Job fairs activities nationwide has aided its expansion and growth In the industry of recruitment. Leveraging on Information Technology and the Internet, GUMS, Inc. Was able to offer excellent, comprehensive, fast and efficient services to all Its clients. United Global Manpower Resources, Inc. Subscribe to the philosophy of life Inspired by the company's Ideals of efficiency, responsibility and honesty, adapted to the needs of Filipino workers.

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It envision a recruitment agency providing excellent and efficient recruitment and deployment services manned by highly competent and efficient personnel to sustain a community f prime workers who are committed to the pursuit of excellence in their field of endeavors recognized globally for their integrity, honesty and efficiency. As a recruitment agency, it pursue a unified goal in providing excellent services.

Participate in building a community of workers known globally for their honesty and integrity. Practice a deep respect and value for honest work. Train professionals and craftsmen to enhance their skills to fit their field of specialization. Commit ourselves to provide decent employment to Filipino professionals and craftsmen. Put together our efforts to protect our workers' welfare. Share our capabilities, training and learning in the service of the community and nation as a whole.