Definition of Success Success In my opinion can only be defined as what was left behind to be experienced or built upon for the next generation. This would be a legacy left to others which speak to your contribution to society and family. Material possession and financial gain does not Identify success, but could be a benefit of success. Success Is built upon generation after generation of contributions.

Careers only identify a small piece of a person, but it does provide insight to the individual base of what he or she was designed in this life to do. As human beings we have needs to survive, therefore people must be careful in choosing a career that impacts their overall health and mental state. Careers that are not designed for an individual can cause stress, lack of fulfillment, lack of interest on the job, or even developing mental and social issues. Sometime financial rewards can lead us into lobs that we really don't want; finding out later we should not have taken it.

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Loving what you do in life and getting paid to do it can be one of the greatest rewards. True success cannot come without knowing who you are first. Baby Lynn Ross is a retired clinical psychologist, motivational speaker and adjunct public speaking professor at the University of Miami and Florida International University. As a National Speakers Association member, she has worked with countless young women with social anxieties and problems executing successful communication in their careers. Baby states "that if you know who you are and you're true to yourself, you ill be more confident and assertive in your work environment. We need to understand who we are as a person then we can be able to truly reach for success. Secondly, we need to create our own opportunities by looking for situations that can reflect our skills and the skills of others Individuals, that will lend Itself to Investing In society and to set a path to pave the way for others. This Is real success to me, because an Investment of yourself opens you up to tomorrows world. Thirdly, you are worth everything you think you are - If you don't value yourself and our Ideas, you will never be successful.

Placing value on how you think of yourself creates a legacy for the world of tomorrow to be built upon. Success is the us, that you value yourself enough to leave something for generation to come. Introduction The idea career for me is to become a database administrator. The world is changing so fast in technology and how information is being used, storage, retrieved and displayed. It provides perfect Job opportunities and this career is only going to grow and change with the times. Just by seeing the new devices in the market place like

Pad, Phone, laptops and other items, you know that data is being retrieved to run a device, display specific information, or input information, databases are evolving, and the administrator of that data is going to became so important in tomorrows world. Computer databases that store information are found in nearly every industry. Data must be stored, organized, and managed. Database administrators work with database software to find ways to do this. They identify user needs, set up computer databases, and test systems.

They ensure that systems perform as they should and add people to the system as needed. Database administrators often plan security measures. Data integrity, backup, and security are critical parts of the Job. In my current position, we are seeing the change taking place slowly but surely. We are retrieving data from various sources and creating links to language to be displayed over the internet. This data first has been organized a certain way, and then programming logic must be created to retrieve and display the information.

After the information is placed then it must be secured. After the initial data is complete and standardized then maintenance must take place. Also in my current position as a contract support coordinator, I am responsible for all military repair accounts. The main difference between the two positions is that I am not responsible for negotiating, implementing, or reviewing the contracts. Working on the military desk has developed many of my acquired and transferable skills, thus making the decision to become a contract account administrator a perfect career choice.

Career inventories and self-assessment tests have reinforced my choice of becoming a contract administrator by verifying several skills I possess. With the Vs. Learning yester inventory, I discovered that I do my best with visual and auditory learning. Since my current Job requires some contract reading, visually I am constantly looking for anything bolted or highlighted because these usually are important aspects that need special attention. Another inventory that I participated in was the Learning Styles. My scores reflected highest in doing, then watching, thinking and feeling.

These test results confirmed that I am an active experimentation person and like applying my ideas to work situations using the trial and error theory. I also like to apply what I have leaned to asks at hand, and use the hands on approach by diving right into a project. Expressed extrovert, moderately expressed sensing personality, a slightly expressed feeling personality, and a much expressed Judging personality. This test confirmed my viewpoint in that I am an outgoing person but do enjoy time to myself. I get along with all types of people and interact well.

I do like structure and do prefer a planned or orderly way of life. I am highly organized and responsible for my own actions. I am in control of my own fate; I will not make excuses and will take responsibility for my actions. Other professional assessments and inventories have also revealed compelling results in my communication skills, leadership, planning, and problem solving. My communication skills have excelled by maintaining accurate records, leading meetings, and managing relationships with my internal customers.

This skill has allowed me to deliver effective verbal and written instructions, thus ensuring perfect product reliability. Other areas that I have excelled in is the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time, working with little or no supervision, organization, ND taking initiative to go beyond minimum requirements to accomplish the Job. Within the last thirty years I have been polishing my acquired and transferable skills, and I feel I have become an effective leader amongst my peers. My qualifications speak for themselves as I have received exceeding reviews on my performance.

My dedication and perseverance will allow me achieve my ideal career of becoming a commercial contract administrator. Career Profile As a Database administrator you could work on a variety of type of databases, from the Massacres Database to Cloud database systems. Your tasks could range from upgrading an existing database to creating a completely new system and maintaining it. In order to fit into the changing world, there are going to be several things to consider, first, newer technology database models such as Data Fabrics, Nouns, Hoodoo, and in-memory technologies.

As an administrator, your education level must be ongoing and have to be up to date on all of the latest databases, their structures and functionality. The administrator cannot Just look at one database, but have to be versed enough to administrate them all. Part of the database administrator Job, that is an very important piece of the database storage, is the securing of the data or information that is being retrieved. It is important to notice, that as the world being a one world system, information must be shared by global companies, financial intuitions, educational faculties and etc.

The world is the web now. Because of the changing world, securities for these databases are essential and have to be put in place. Today, organizations also with the administrators must strike a balance between ensuring safety and providing access. It's a fine line to walk: administrator must recognize the points of weakness; the other half, of course, is deciding how to mitigate weaknesses. They must provide proactive steps to reduce security risks and vulnerabilities are an important facet of today's top IT organizations.

Administrators face a multitude of challenges in keeping intellectual property, trade secrets, business practices, financial records, contractual negotiations, customer records, and other assets safe from theft, destruction, or misuse. Because the information in databases is usually a company's most prized possession, protecting databases is crucial. Finally, there is the relationship between the administrators, database system and the rest of the computing environment - in particular, the operating system and application must work alongside each other to ensure the data is secure, functional and retrievable.

Other function of the database administrator includes but not limited to are: * Establish what the database is for, who will use it and what other systems it will link to (for example telephony) Plan the structure of the database, working out how to organize, find and display the data * Build a test version and check the exults to iron out any technical problems (bugs) Fill (populate) the database with new information or transfer existing data into it * information, create back-up copies and report errors * measures.

Plan how to update Put in security You may have extra duties, like supervising technical support staff, training users and producing performance reports for IT managers. Increasingly, you could be working with web-based technologies and would need to understand how databases fit in with these systems. In a senior position you may be responsible for strategic planning, information policy, budgets and managing lenient relationships. You would work on projects with other IT professionals, such as analysts, programmers and IT project managers.

Hordes As a database administrator, you generally receive more peer respect, more credibility, and more influence in your organization. Being respected by your peers is a great feeling, especially if you are part of a larger team that works well together. Because of the importance of Database Administrators to organizations, not only is their Job held in higher regard than many other IT positions, they are often the last to be laid off, should layoffs occur.

In times of economic downturn it is natural for all IT professionals to be concerned about their Job security. Although Database Administrators tend to remain in relatively high demand during such periods, compared to other IT positions, no one is immune from layoffs. There is Just too much uncertainty to be able to predict how Database Administrators are among the highest paid IT professionals. According to Salary. Com, as of April 2009, the top 10% of all Database Administrators earn at least USED $106,142 a year, plus benefits. This is a national average of U. S. Based Jobs, and he actual amount will vary depending on many factors, including number of years of experience, the size of the company, the location of the company, DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR specialty area, and more. I know many Database Administrators who make over $100,000 a year, and this goal is not as unattainable as you might assume. For comparison purposes, according to Salary. Com, mid-range Database Administrators make between $62,944 to $106,142 per year, mid-range Software Developers make between $58,1 56 and $84,975 per year, and mid-range Network Administrators make between $46,894 and $77,249 per year.

Which of these pay ranges would you prefer to be in? Although being fairly paid for a challenging Job is important, I don't know of any Exceptional Database Administrators who are Just doing it for the money. Most do it for the satisfaction of working in a technically challenging and ever changing environment. Being an Exceptional DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR affords you the opportunity to keep on the cutting edge of technology. Many new software development innovations are the result of figuring out how to make applications work well with databases - and I don't think we will see any slowing of technology any time soon.

If that's not enough, consider these additional benefits: According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR Jobs will "grow much faster than average" compared to other types of Jobs, through 2016. See http://www. Balls. Gob/co/cocoa's. HTML for more information. * Database Administrators are needed almost everywhere, small towns and large cities alike, affording you the opportunity to live almost anywhere you what to live.

Often, being a DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR affords you the opportunity to travel, assuming you want to. This is especially true if you work as a consultant and ravel to client sites. I know many Database Administrators who travel internationally on a regular basis. Most Exceptional Database Administrators have excellent self-confidence and self-esteem. Most people don't start a particular career for this specific purpose, but self-confidence and self esteem are benefits that any exceptional person accrues when they perform a Job well.

Database Administrators often have good opportunities for Job growth and advancement, whether they are looking to stay with the same company, change companies, or start their own company. Becoming an Exceptional DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR, along with honing your management skills, can be a stepping-stone The interview with, Rain R Sandra, informed me that her Job is being able to work independently and creatively, having a manager that trusts her Judgment. In Rain's position one of the major disadvantages to her Job was the red tape in the corporation; going through the process of implementing her ideas.

Due to restriction of database security and corporate standard for programming language it limits her from full implementation of her database and related programming. Rain was asked how she resolves these bottle necks in her current position. She indicates that many times she has to develop a work around until the approval process is completed. The work around is generally due to the customer demand for immediate action. These work a rounds are very stressful because it is not the final plan. But for the most part the Job is very satisfying.

I asked how she sees the future for databases administrators. She indicated that "pads, phone devices, Television, Personal Computer and programming as it relates to databases will be shared using cloud technology, information current storage in hard drive or storage drive, will be souse in the cloud which means it will now be accessible to the user anywhere in the world. Devices in the future will have build in security and personal profiling for all users. This means the future verification will be base on DNA or optical eye scanners.

DNA or eye readers can identify your retina signature, and a quick glance is all that is required for positive identification, this leads to a new world of marketing for the software developer and administrator retrieving data from these new database structures. For instances, software will be developed strictly for marketing purposes. Advertising becomes active and personal but, and retinal imaging allows for instant identification and customizing of marketing messages. Walk down the street and billboards target their content to the needs of those viewing it at that moment. Educational Plan My plan is graduate by 2016 with a degree in Computer Information Systems: Database Management, I need to take 87 more credit hours to complete my degree. I would like maintain a grade point average of 3. 0. I also would like to take classes that would help me in my present Job that relates to databases like Database Design (CESSPIT) and Structures (CESSPIT). The class that I feel will be the most challenging would be Composition or any other writing class. Math and Computer related classes come very easy for me.

I have attended Davenport University back in the early 1990 1 feel that they have a good program. That one of the reason that I came back, I believe as I go through the remaining of my classes my career goals will be met. Conclusion Due my research, I have recognized since I have been working in the database This will increase my skill level and also help me to move into more challenging databases and it related programming as the world progress in technology. Just reviewing the database administrator career, I have obtained a much deeper understanding of the field and what it has to offer now and in the future.

There certain skills which I have learn during this study. This increase my value to the industry use all of the tools, techniques, and styles learned to further develop my skills. I will learn from my mistakes and will take responsibility for my own actions. Once I have obtained my degree I can made contribution to society and leave something for the future generations to come. Mission Statement My personal mission is to use all of my acquired skills, transferable skills, and education to become a Database Administrator for BSM..

My career and educational goal is to obtaining my bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems: Database Management by 2016. My medium-range career goal is to continue to work with management and other administrators to begin learn to how to fit into future. My long-term goal is to be a well-respected and database administrator. I know that through my perseverance and hard work, I will meet my goals.