There are three types of Database Administration Tools, Oracle Enterprise Manger, Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager and Sybase Central. This paper will discuss each one. The database tool and utility applications are the primary administrative components of Oracle Enterprise Manager. You can use these applications to perform most of your DAB administration tasks.

Some of the design features of the applications allows you to use the graphical interface to execute the commands quickly and conveniently by pointing and clicking with the mouse rather than manually entering the SQL commands to perform these tasks. Concurrently perform multiple tasks in multiple Oracle Enterprise Manager windows. Administer multiple databases simultaneously in multiple windows. It also centralizes database administration tasks for both local and remote databases running on any Oracle platform In any location worldwide.

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In addition, these Oracle platforms can be connected by any network protocols supported by SQL Net and the Multicultural Interchange. Perform DAB administrative tasks using Oracle Enterprise Manager's line mode Interface when a graphical user Interface Is unavailable or undesirable and the line mode option is available on all platforms. Another Database Administration tool is Sybase Central. Sybase Central is a graphical management tool. It implements the Sybase enterprise management strategy, which calls for a single management console, seamlessly integrated, across all server and middleware products.

Sybase Central can run on Microsoft Windows 5 and Microsoft NT. It connects to and manages Sybase products running on any Sybase-supported platform. Some of the functions Sybase Central uses are visual representation of objects, easy point and click Interface, management of multiple servers from one console, Omniscient management, code editor, generation of data definition language (ODL), object property sheets and dependency lists. Also the ability to navigate between related objects, user account management, online help and monitoring for performance and tuning.

Sybase Central provides a basic systems management framework. The Sybase Central framework consists of toolbars, menus, tab-style property sheets, and a two-pane interface similar to that of the Windows 95/NT Explorer. The left pane implements a tree view, which has, as its top level, a list of plug-ins. In the tree view, a plug-in expands to show all installed instances of the product being managed. Each plug-in defines an object hierarchy appropriate to the product it represents. The last Database Administration Tool is Microsoft's SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

SQL Server Enterprise Manager Is a graphical tool that allows for easy, enterprise wide configuration and management of Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Objects. Some of the functions SQL Server Enterprise Manager provides are a scheduling engine, administrator alert capability, drag and drop control operations it to manage logins, permissions and users, create scripts, manage devices and databases, backup databases and transaction logs, manage tables, views, stored reoccurred, triggers, indexes, rules, defaults and user-defined data types.

SQL Server has innovative features that help you adapt to ever-changing data management and analysis requirements. Supports for Web standards, powerful tools for system management and tuning, and exceptional scalability.