Building Conceptual Data Model Fundamentals of Databases Lavabo Fernando School Computer Science University Manchester Acknowledgements 2 These slides are minor adaptation material authored and made available to instructors by Ramee Elmira Shaman B. Navigate accompany their textbook Systems: Models, Languages, Design, Application Programming, 6th (Global) Edison Addison--Wesley Pearson, 2011, 978-0-13--214498--8 Copyright 2011 Pearson Education, whom thank. Errors my responsibility. Outline 3 What database applications?

Why conceptual modeling? The phases in design is meaty--relationship meaty types sets, airbuses value sets? relationship types, sets roles? Structural constraints used guidelines Design Applications 4 database Applications comprise particular those application )orgasm that implement queries updates Engel--Relationship Modeling SD is popular, high--level data modeling approach serves well interlingua between users designers SO focuses requirements, not overall business logic Diagrams (RED) SO Are diagrammatic notation associated with Unified

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Modeling Language (JIMS) SO supersedes REDS it captures functional requirements too SO ML class diagrams roughly equivalent Phases 5 Immersions, Requirements 6 Minored universe discourse) SO The scope cavity, specific savvies processes organization applicant meant support. Collection analysis 50 Database interview prospective understand document related) ID Outcomes: ii Data requirements: input SO Functional (but also informs conceptual.