They don't have enough time to go to the store where they can buy their stocks for their store. Auto Parts at online can handle the orders of the wholesale customers without the agent coming into their place. This system handles the orders of the wholesale customers. This is the way so that the customers won't wait for the agent to go to their store. Rene Marketing and Auto Parts online system is consist of online buying. The customers that are already confirmed by the agent who survey the store already.

They will be given a password with their store name as their user ID. With products pricelists and online catalog. 3. 1 System narrative The online wholesaling system is a web-based system that sells auto parts to regular customers. The system captures information from the regular customers that includes contact number, home address, company address and e-adds on the order form. The agents are assigned to log in to access the system, manage and confirm the orders. The product will be delivered and agent will collect the payments when it is ready.

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The agents also provide the account to the regular customer that includes the surname and password. 4. 0 Questionnaire 4. 1 Questions to get the answer: * What is the Company's Background? * Does your company have a business process? * How do you maintain those processes to be working? * Why did you come up to an idea of putting a system? What are the company's goals? * What are its objectives? * What is the business process used in your company? * What are the ways in purchasing company's product? * Have you tried to use other system aside from our system? What is your company's vision and mission? 4. 2 System background Auto parts online ordering system is web based system. It can store the customer's information and is capable of confirming and denying customers product ordered. The system is supported by another server in case the other server gets down. It is a user friendly system since it has been designed for easy comprehension so that efferent levels of customers can understand and uses easily. The system is all about ordering online so that the regular customer of the company will be comfortable and hustle free.

They are given a privilege to view our online catalog and pricelist so that the agent won't bring pricelists to their store and they can put their orders online already. Only regular customers are given an account on our website. But our walk in customers is only allowed to view our catalog and about us page. Since the system benefited from technology innovation the system is capable of storing customers' information and orders. 4. Basic Transaction Background There are two ways to order from Rene Marketing and Auto Parts.

The first way is to order from the agent which is assigned to their place. The other way is through an online ordering system. The first way requires the agent to go there so that the agent can make a list on their orders. The customer can pay through cash, banks and ordering and to be more comfortable. They will Just go online and order.