Instructor: Pasadena Sahara Introduction: Term: Four The course focuses on the term and practical orientation of Network Infrastructure and other software to enable students to apply the skills for Data Communication and knowledge to solve network problem in functional area of network management. Learning Objectives:

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The course will develop the skills to manage business telecommunication and network infrastructures. It will equip managers with the foundations of the technical, economic, and political structure of modern communication systems. The course will emphasize design and management of large-scale enterprise networks. Teaching Methodology: Mode of delivery would be primarily through lectures, assignments, presentations, practical. Course Contents: 1 . Intertwining & Internet Protocols:: Intertwining Basics, Intertwining Model, Ethernet Networking, Network topologies, Ethernet Cabling, Wireless

Networking, OSI Reference Model:- Application layer, Presentation layer, Session layer, Transport layer, Network layer, Data link layer, Physical layer. TCP/IP & DoD Model, Binary to Decimal & Hexadecimal Conversion, IP Addressing, IP Terminology, Private IP Addressing. Broadcast Addresses. 2. IP Subletting & FILMS: Subletting Basic, Subletting Class A-C Address. FILMS 3. Introduction to Cisco, IP Routing: Cisco Router user interface, Command-line interface, Router & Switch Administrative function, Router interface. Routing Basics, IP routing Process. 4. Virtual Lana (Plans), Layer 2 Switching: PLAN Basic, PLAN Memberships,