You can approach data analytics though multiple avenues by using different diverse techniques. The analytics of data is relevance to this weeks assignment, because for the past few weeks our team has collected and store data on Ordain Manufacturing, we now need to analyze the data.

We have been tasked to present the client with a business project that will help enhance their systems/subsystems into a manageable one that flows at Ordain Manufacturing to better serve their customers. Currently they have systems and subsystems covering each department. In order to be an effective manufacturing company they need to integrated their systems for sharing across the company. Ordain needs to track real time relevant data that's available at ones fingertips, because it allows you better control of your data and help the company to cake the best possible decision for further growth and to satisfy their customers.

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For companies has been using the analytics of data to reduce cost and drive innovation. Data has now become more available and with the help of technology better to understand though a computer. Stores such as Home Depot, Low's, and Walter analyze data to tailor products and price markdowns for customers located in curtain demographic areas. Fed-Ex use data on their delivery truck and planes, to help manage delivery times and traffic for better delivery schedules.

Though the analytics of data we are changing our environment where we live and work. Static leads us to believe that we are on the brink of an analyzing revolution. This change will revamp how organizations are managed, along with the economies In which they operate. Analytics of data Is In the pilot seat, for Its useful, valuable, and here to stay.