Daddy daddy As the echoing screams and painful cries die down, take a moment or two to snap back into reality and realize, it's only a song. The incessant bellows and whines of Korn's Jonathan Davis move some of us, and we are never the same; others hit the stop button and change the CD, before the song is really over, and never understand what's going on. As Jon screeches out moving lyrics like, 'I didn't touch you there', Mommy said she didn't care, 'I didn't touch you there', that's why Mommy stopped and stared. he loops over in the background as he relives the moment once again in the recording studio. Do half the people who listen to Korn stop in the middle of Daddy to realize the sobbing and screaming is real? Accompanied by obscenities and tears.

Real tears, real pain, real life. The answer is no. For most of us, we are lucky enough never to experience anything like being raped by our neighbor and having our parents call us liars. But most all of us have something deep down inside that we have craftily blocked. Something that's waiting deep inside of us, waiting to open its jaws and howl.

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For some of us when we are moved by something, in this case Korn's Daddy, that thing howls. Maybe it was an abusive alcoholic, maybe it was the absence of a parent, or maybe it was something so horrid we can't seem to remember our lives until we were 12. Many people will deny these things. It is usually the ones whose minds aren't warped, who don't want to deal with tragedies like that. But there are always a few who aren't normal, who know that thing is down there, waiting, watching.

And when something as powerful like this moves them, that thing detaches itself from inside like a zebra muscle on a rock that finally detaches after years of abuse and neglect. Sometimes it is relieving. Sometimes it is not. When this song was recorded, Jonathan Davis sang over pre-recorded music of the rest of the band playing. All his band mates could do was watch the horror show.

He was told simply to reach down, re-live it, and he did. He re-lived every horrifying moment of it. And all his closest friends could do was watch in terror. After? They were as shaken as Jon was. The song lasts 9 minutes and 29 seconds.

That's 9 minutes of pain, 9 minutes of agony, 9 minutes of something so incredibly horrifying few dare to admit it happens. And all that does not just happen to the man who originally experienced it. The listener-the listener experiences it as well. There are always those who don't hear the pain and torture. Once the music is over, so is the CD. Maybe your one of them, maybe not. Maybe next time you listen to Daddy you'll listen, maybe not.

If you ever do, really listen. Then maybe the horror will become apparent. This child, savagely raped and beaten, left feeling dirty and hurt. Tied down, ropes burning flesh to the bone, the only witness denies.. Music.