New Product, New Segments Customer Value is created in other to attract and retain customers, organisations aim to deliver valuable products to their preferred target audience. However, Jobber (2010) indicates Consumer Value is dependent on how the consumer perceives the benefits of an offering and the sacrifice that is associated with its purchase. Clients of Body shop are faced with a broad of different and over 300 products to select from each product is produced for a particular purpose to satisfy the needs of the clients.

Consumers form a particular value and satisfaction that has been offered by the market. Body Shop produces items so that there can be repeat purchase and the good news can be spread. Body Shop has maintained its value over the years through the use of its natural ingredient from a wide range of product from Body scrubs, shampoo, men’s deodorant, make up, moisturises etc. Just to mention a few, hereby making its customers not only beautiful but also promoting nature.

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Body Shop has over 2,500 stores in 61 countries and is also the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world. They are known for scented product which gives the customer a sense of excitement when using the product. Body shop offers free delivery on all items over ? 20 it also provides its customer with more way to shop by giving them the opportunity to become a consultant and get first-hand information as new products are available. The Body Shop® | thebodyshop. o. uk. Also it provides user friendly website and very affordable products. Perceived benefit is received from the product, the pleasure associated with using the massage oil to relieve a stressful week, the associated service involves in quick delivery by which the product is provided and also free gifts attached to it and the image of Body shop frequent customers know they can always depend on them to get the finest of nature’s beautiful elements.

A perceived benefit is the relationship the consumer has with its supplier (Body shop) they both enjoy hand in hand to deliver the best they have to offer by its customers been loyal and body shop providing the best they have to offer for their larger trusted customers. Guardian. co. uk (A brief History in Body Shop) Perceived sacrifice is involved in the total cost of purchasing a product from Body shop. The range of different product, not just monetary but also in time and energy involved in buying something.

For example good location can reduce the time and energy that is consumed in the purchasing on an item. Psychological costs also need to be put into consideration as the right choice might not be made. The objective of Body shop is too increase the benefit of shoppers buying its product and at the same time reducing the sacrifice involved in it. References: Jobber, D. (2010) Principles and Practices of Marketing; Jones, G. (1991) Marketing Decisions; Guardian. co. uk; The bodyshop. co. uk; emeraldinsights. co. uk/journals.