Software tools like Gantt charts were created to schedule the project and keep a recording of which tasks need to be done by which group member. The Gantt chart also showed the list of project activities and estimated their duration. Meetings were arranged every week to discuss project issues and to continue work on the project. These meetings gave members in the group a chance to ask questions about topics that they were not finding easy to handle.

UML, ERD, sequence and activity diagrams became advantageous as they were used to analyse our work. The ERD diagrams helped users to interact with the website and showed them how to search for items and how to purchase them. The ERD diagrams are a good example of techniques used by the group of how to manage the project as users could use the diagram as a manual for the website.

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Skills of each member in the group were analysed and tasks were handed out to each member based on that information. Screen designs were used to design the website which made the development of the website quicker to create. Many Software tools were used to help build and run the website. PHP my admin was used to store all of the data. Mi-Linux was used to host the website and Ps Pad was used to build the website in PHP.

Planning stages included creating backlogs which were regularly updated. After each sprint the group held review sessions to investigate the project progression. The backlogs were then updated. Individual activity sheets were completed by each group member weekly to enhance personal skills. Each member also completed diaries weekly showing their commitment to the project and their next week's targets.

Testing was very important in this project as it is a major source of feedback. Testing strategies such as design validation, unit testing and Integration Testing was carried out. Risks to the project were also analysed and everybody in the group worked hard to overcome these risks. By analysing these risks, this would minimise them because everybody in the group was aware of them. The group planned their project in advanced and created a plan to follow, each phase was created in the plan and deadline had to be met so that each phase could be handed in. the group assumed the project would be completed on time otherwise a F0 grade would be given, this assumption was important, missing this deadline would mean that the project counted zero.

As well as the above the group assumed risks that could affect the project and acted to ensure these risks did not magnify into a serious problem. Risks that were identified were corruption to data work; this was a high risk as work could be corrupted if not saved appropriately. The group assumed that taking the appropriate steps and research the probability that the system was not to the client's standards was minute and therefore assumed their system would meet the specification.

In addition the group assumed that as the database (phpmyadmin) will work with a 99.9% uptime, this was vital if it failed them the system would not work and transactions will not be processed. The group backed up the database so it could be restored if any corruption of data occurred. The work environment where the system was going to be designed and built at the university and at each group member's home, as university was going to be 3 days, most of the work was assumed to be completed at home and then bought into the university to show other group members.

Reading the specification the first assumption was that the most sufficient way to make the system was using a web page builder PSPad. Through this web page builder the group could make Dynamic web pages which could interact with PHP My Admin which is an online database where all the information was going to be held. Testing was supposed to be an ongoing process and the initial testing was being analysed by the member who was coding he web site. This way it would reduce the number of errors that the group stumbled upon on the system and would allow the testing from practical users to be well-organized. The group acted upon testing that was received.

In the testing the users pointed out that the site was too dark which resulted in the links not being clear, this issue was raised a great deal of times consequence the group took a risk by re designing the website so it could be user friendly, this was quiet a gamble as so far into the project a big change would defiantly change the scope of the project and the way the project scheduled was outlined. This was not predicted and assumed at the beginning of the project, but resulted in the group having come out with a new layout of the website which was user friendly and practical as well having the website fully working.

Time and dates: Regarding the working hours in terms of dates and times, the group planned to work on the project on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays after lectures, this was agreed by all members, but the group also consented to accomplish the work on other days when the deadline close. DFD Diagram Transactions The screen design below shows of how the group want our website to look like. THE GROUP have changed the colours from our first design as they were not really efficient.

The colours used now are easier to read and all ages of users will be able to interact with the website. The screen design below shows the page that appears once the user has clicked on his/her shopping basket. The screen design below shows the page that will appear once the user has clicked on the checkout button. The page that appears will be a login page the group have decided. Our website will enable users to choose their products that their interested in and then forward them to a login page which will allow them to pay for their items. This is how that page should look like.