Count Of Monte Cristo Fernand Mondego was a simple fisherman who led a dull, monotonous life and was not very important in the social status. If he had just been content in all of his circumstances, his life might have been better. However, from the very beginning of the book, Fernand's goal in life was to obtain things he could not obtain. He desired power, fame, fortune-- and Mercedes. Most of these could be obtained in time, but Mercedes was one thing that Fernand knew he would never get unless Edmond Dantes disappeared for good.

He set out with revenge against him and used a devious plan to fulfill his desires. His character traits were all built on one thing: greed. He had many other traits, such as jealousy, selfishness, and slyness, which were important in accomplishing his goals. Perhaps the most important was jealousy. Fernand had a jealous temperament. In Chapter Three, Fernand asked Mercedes to marry him with these words, "Listen Mercedes, it's almost Easter again-- a good time for a wedding.

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Give me an answer!" Fernand burned with rage when Mercedes answered his plea with, "I love you like a brother, but never ask anything more of me because my heart belongs to someone else." This someone else just happened to be Edmond Dantes, the new captain of the Pharoan. From that point on, Fernand was very envious of Dantes. Fernand had done every thing in his power to capture Mercedes' heart and yet the one who held it was Edmond Dantes. This made him very jealous and discontented. Another trait Fernand possessed was selfishness.

Fernand was extremely selfish and self-centered. Everything that he did revolved around him. After learning that Mercedes refused to marry him, she showed up clinging to Dantes. The book describes Mercedes trying to introduce them in this way, "Keeping her" (Mercedes') "hand clasped in his, Edmond held out his other hand to Fernand. But Fernand remained as motionless and still as a statue. Edmond looked inquiringly at Mercedes, who was trembling and upset, then at Fernand, who scowled threateningly." If Fernand really loved Mercedes, he would think of her feelings and be happy for her.

The only thoughts that buzzed around in his head, however, were his own feelings of resentment toward Edmond, so he refused to shake his hand. These feelings of hatred led to a sly plan that Fernand concocted along with Danglers. Being very sly and clever were some other character traits that Fernand possessed. Because of his selfishly jealous nature towards Dantes, he plotted revenge. Fernand figured that the only way to obtain Mercedes would be to get Edmond Dantes out of the way.

Teaming up with Danglers, he wrote a letter accusing Edmond of carrying a letter from Elba to the Bonapartist committee in Paris. Fernand delivered the letter to carry out their conniving plan. The commissary came to the betrothal feast and said, "'Which one of you gentlemen is Edmond Dantes?'" Edmond replied, "'I'm Edmond Dantes, sir. What do you want with me?'" The commissary said, "'Edmond Dantes, you are under arrest.'" This confirms the fact that the evil plan worked and Dantes was put into jail for fourteen long years. Fernand's character traits were important.

They added to the story and showed why Dantes got revenge on him. He could have done many things with his life and could have been used in many ways, but he did not. Because all of his desires were self-seeking, he did not go anywhere in life. His jealous nature was part of what destroyed him. Contentedness was definitely not a strong point in Fernand's character. He was egotistical and had many selfish desires as well.

These traits combined with his shrewdness and conniving nature eventually led him to destruction.