Considering from the fundamental strategies of distributive bargaining, four important tactical tasks can be considered which are basically concerned with the target points, resistance points and also the cost which terminates negotiations for a negotiator in a distributive bargaining situation.1.The first tactical task would be assessing the party's target, resistance point and also cost of terminating the negotiations.2.

Should be able to manage other party's impression of the negotiators' target.3.Should be able to modify other party's perception considering his or her own target.

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4.Manipulation should be done for the actual cost of delaying in process of terminating negotiations.Firstly, Effective distributive bargainers should be able to understand the process of taking all required positions during bargaining, which even includes the importance of opening an offer and also should understand the role of making concessions throughout the negotiation process. Good distributive bargainers will identify their realistic alternatives before starting any kind of discussion which may be now or in future. Negotiators also need to make sure that they have a very clear understanding of their alternative to an agreement. As the point of my view, Having Number of alternatives can be much useful. The most important thing is that when negotiations are made it is useful to have an agreement on several issues like price, the closing date of sales, price of items and etc.

once the negotiation is done, negotiator will make sure that there is no further room available for other negotiations and this will be the final one. This helps Negotiator to stop other bargains.As a final conclusion, I can conclude that all the tactics which are explained above are intended to help all the negotiators understand the dynamics of the distributive bargaining and can have a better deal in future. A good understanding of these concepts will allow negotiates to manage all the distributive situations properly.