What are the sections that section 36: appropriations of 8792 that are to be carried out using available funds/savings under General Appropriations Act in its first year of ? A. Sections 25 & 26 b. Sections 26 & 27 c. Sections 27 & 28. D. Sections 29 & 30 ANUS: C 2. In section 37: Statutory Interpretation of RA 8792, the interpretation of this Act shall give due regard to b. Local Origin c. Both A and 8 d. None of the choices ANUS: A . . International Origin. 3. In section 38: Variations by Agreement of RA 8792, any provision of this Act may be varied by agreement between parties involved in generating, receiving, storing or otherwise processing electronic data message or electronic document. A. Testing b. Milling c. Sending. 4. According to section 36: Appropriations of RA 8792, after the first year of the effectively of this act, where will the funds needed to continue its implementation come from? A. Electronic Commerce act of 2000 b. General Appropriations Act. C.

Cybercafé Prevention Act of 2012 ANUS: B 5. All benefits, privileges, advantages or statutory rules established under this Act, including those involving practice of profession, shall be enjoyed only by parties whose country of origin grants the same benefits and privileges or advantages to Floppy citizens. A. Reciprocity. B. Capability Clause C. Repealing Clause D. Effectively ANUS: A. 6. All other laws, decrees, rules and regulations or parts thereof which are Inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed, amended or C. Repealing Clause. 7.

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This Act shall take effect immediately after its publication in the Official Gazette or n at least two (2) national newspapers of general circulation. A. Reciprocity D. Effectively. ANUS: D 8. The provisions of this Act are hereby declared separable and in the event of any such provision is declared unconstitutional, the other provisions, which are not affected, shall remain in force and effect. A. Reciprocity B. Capability Clause. ANUS: B. 9. Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Budget and Management, and are hereby empowered to implement rules and regulation necessary according to section 34 of RA 8792. . Department of Tourism . Department of Education c. Bank of the Philippine Islands d. Bangkok Central Eng Philippians. 10. A section in Republic Act 8792 or the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000 in which it discusses the formation of an Oversight Committee. A. Section 35. B. Section 33 c. Section 37 d. Section 39 1 1 . Congressional Oversight Committee shall meet every quarter of the first upon the approval of the Act to oversee its implementation. A. Two months b. Three years c. Two years. D. Four months 12.

EDIT, DB and other concerned government agencies shall provide a quarterly reference report of their actions taken in the implementation of the Act for the first . A. Two years b. Five months c. Six months d. Three years. 13. According to Section 30 of the Republic Act 8792 or the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000, a service provider is not subject to criminal liability if it merely provides . A. Access. B. Support c. None of these d. A and B 14. A section in Republic Act 8792 or the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000 in which it discusses the extent of liability of a service provider. A.

Section 30. B. Section 28 c. Section 9 d. Section 40 15. Access to an electronic file, or an electronic signature of an electronic data message or electronic document shall only be authorized and enforced in favor of a. Individual. B. Service Provider c. Lawyer d. All of these 16. An electronic key for identity or integrity shall not be made available to any a. Person or party. D. Individual 17. In section 33 of RA 8792, how much is the minimum fine?