one imagine what the world would be like today without computers? For one, I

would not be typing this paper right now. Computers were actually developed in

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early history. The first major use for a computer in the U.S. was during the

1890 census. Two men, Herman Hollerith and James Powers, developed a new

punched-card system that could automatically read information on cards without

human intervention (Chaney 52). This caused many other people to develop

computers for various tasks. Each new computer helped to perform a different

function and make it easier. Eventually IBM made a computer that could perform

various tasks such as: figure out equations, store data, and draw graphics

(Chaney 53). From there the computer industry exploded. Now computers have

changed many aspects of life. Computers have had a major effect upon business.

One area deals with the advertising industry. It has completely re-arranged the

advertising business. Before computers companies used to advertise only on

magazines, billboards, and T.V. The internet has spawned a new world for

advertising. If anyone has ever been on the Internet; they know that it is a

major contributor to this. Instead of companies paying around 1 million dollars

to advertise for a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl; they could just

pay a certain amount to be advertised forever on the net. People can also notice

the changes of advertising on the T.V., also. Not until the last few years have

people noticed that a great deal of the commercials on T.V. are

computer-related. These two combined have made the advertising businesses boom.

Not only just on the T.V., but also on the net. Another area affected is the

stock trading business. Computers have actually hurt the majority of stock

brokerage firms. The reason is because computers allow it’s users to have

access to the same information the actual brokers have. They can log onto the

internet and go to their online firm to download information on stocks. This way

they have the knowledge to trade and buy stocks for themselves without paying a

certain percent to the broker. People can become a member of online firms such

as: Ameritrade, DLJ Direct, SureTrade, and others. Here they can trade for a

mere $8-$10 dollars. People also have responded that they feel more comfortable

when they have total control of their money ( Maney 45). A final area deals with

the actual computer-related companies. These companies have turned from perhaps

what some considered an unthinkable business into Fortune 500 companies (Maney

48). Such companies as: Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Gateway, Cisco, and Apple have

become some of the most successful companies around the world. They have also

caused the infamous Silicon Valley to sprout up. This area located in

mid-western California has become one of the most well-known areas along with

the most profitable (Horowitz 38). Those companies produce the needed computer

software, machines, computer chips, and hardware needed by the people.

Statistics show that about 1 in every 5 households own at least one computer in

their home. By the year 2002 they expect those results to be around 1 in 3 (Stross

58). These reasons along with others are what have made computer businesses

become so successful. Computers have opened a whole new way to educate people. A

first example is through educational software. Companies like Kaplan develop

many programs which help people with all subjects. These programs do not only

help with young kids, but for all different ages. They now have software that

helps kids study for such tests as the ACT and SAT. These can come in handy and

be a great benefit when the test rolls around. Multimedia programs give people

the chance to have a whole set of encyclopedias, almanacs, maps, dictionaries,

and other informational tools (Stross 62). Computers have also allowed many

mathematical equations and other formulas to be completed extremely quickly.

Some people might not realize that a calculator is actually a computer. Could

one imagine not being able to use a calculator for certain math problems? Some

applications we would still be working on! The Internet is another tool people

have started to use for education. Undoubtedly, this is probably the most

important tool that has changed education. Labeled the “Information

Superhighway” one can understand this. It has allowed people from all over the

world to share their knowledge and give anyone access to it for an extremely low

cost. One can even access the Library of Congress and look at any book in the

world (Horowitz 39). People can take part in online lectures given by

professors. If a person has a research project on let’s say, Cancer. All they

would need to do is search for that on a search engine such as, Yahoo. Then they

would have more information on the subject than they could even imagine. Also,

there are certain sites where people can get online and go to a homework help

site. Here kids can e-mail problems to the site. Then they will respond with

hints to it and eventually the answer. One site is (Stross

66). A final effect is how it is somewhat necessary for people to become user

friendly with the computer. People can argue that they might not ever need to

use a computer or learn how. Yes, there are those people who are not ever going

to be into the technological age. These people are just limiting themselves on

what Bill Gates say’s is, “a technological era” (Maney 50). On commercials

one here’s the phrase, “What type of computer skills do you have.” People

are being constantly rejected for jobs from those Fortune 500 companies like

Microsoft and Intel. This has caused people to partake in courses offered in

computers and take typing classes. The computer skills are a needed ability for

people to get many jobs in today’s job world. “Someday we hope that every

household will contain at least one computer for use”, says Microsoft CEO Bill

gates (Stross 68). In the future it could be very likely that most households

will be benefited by having a computer. Already, people can watch T.V. from

their computer, use it as a CD player ,or even a VCR. Groceries, pizza, and

other meals and necessities will be able to be ordered from the home. Someday

computers will relate to virtually everything. A second relation is with the

workplace. Almost every job, whether it be a farmer or a teacher will benefit by

using a computer. The farmer can use a computer to calculate crop production or

turn on the right irrigation systems. A teacher could e-mail the whole days

lesson plans to students at home. A final thought is how there will continually

be effects as long as people continue to come up with the ideas. Such things as

voice operated lights, T.V’s, and computer’s are just a few things in

operation right now. They also are developing voice activated cars. All these

inventions would not have been able to come about without the use of the

computer (Maney 51). The computer is constantly changing the everyday life of

many people. It has effected some part of everyone’s life. They will continue

to benefit people in many ways. Some not even thought of yet.