Being a full time student I am always using computers for one thing or another.

It has been my experience that the IBM compatible PCs have a wide range of

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software programs. These programs range from high tech 3D simulation games to

integrated word processors, financial and life management systems to elaborate

encyclopedias. IBM compatible computers are easy to use and are continually

becoming even more “user friendly” every year. They are found at any school

or government establishment, and most businesses throughout the country and

around the world. PCs have a proven reputation for being upgradable, reliable,

and common machines. Because of these reasons and because I learned all my

computer skills on IBM compatible machines I would have to say that for myself

IBM and IBM compatible computers would be the best choice. However, that is not

to say that the Apple Macintosh is inferior in any way. In fact the Macintosh is

many times considered a better piece of equipment for such applications as

graphic arts. Like the IBM compatibles it is also found in different businesses

and schools around the world. The only drawback to the Macintosh would be the

lack of some of the more popular software that is usually released for PCs