When an instrument in the dashboard of your car informs you the air pressure in the right rear tire is low, what type of computer determines the air pressure is low?
embedded computer

You have a new e-book reader and your are expecting to be away on a long hike with it. How many hours of reading can you get from it before needign to recharge it?

Which of the following are you most likely to find on your next trip to an amusement park?
ticket kiosk

You have a collection of all the photos, videos, and audio you have captured from your new sepheew. What is the name for this collection?
media library

You are going to make a decision about a server purchase based on whether it is a rack server, a blade server, or a tower server. On what are you basing your decision?
form factor

You keep hearing a colleague fo yours use a term and you are unfamiliar wiht it. Ultimately however, you realize that it is a synonym for the port. What is it?

You go to your local town uitility in order to pay your gas bill. What are you most likely to use?
financial kiosk

What is the practice of sharing computer resources, such as servers?

You are inside a sports arena with your friend. Both of you have Wi-fi devices. For the devices to communicate with each other, what is the maximum distance they can be apart in this closed space?
100 feet

You need a version of USB technology that will support older USB devices, of which you have many, as well as newer ones. What word do yo want to see in the specs?
backward compatible

A type of computer usually has only one user. What type of computer is it?
Personal computer

What items in your pocket uses NFC technology?
credit card

If you are looking to use a bluetooth device and do wnot want to extend its range with additional equipment, which of the following is the approximate distance you can expect between your device and the device wiht which it is transmitting data?
33 feet

Your Bluetooth headset is waiting for another Bluetooth device to locate its signal. What is this mode known as?
discoverable mode

You have a camera wiht a 16 MP resolution. How many pixel are represented by that resolution?
16 million

What do you need to verify that you are the holder of the bank card at your local bank branch?

You have a new phone. What determines what type of message you can send?
the services offered by the mobile service provider

You need to set up a computer to store and deliver email messages for your small business.What are you most likely to use?
mail server

What are the two main components on the motherboard?
memory, processor

What term would you be looking for if you want to make a purchase of a variety of software at the same time that you purchase your new desktop?

Your data center is looking to conserve space in its server oom. Which of the following are you most likely to choose as a result?
blade server

What may need to happen before your Bluetooth headset can communicate with your smartphone?
they might need to be paired

What is a network of several servers together in a single location?
server farm

You see a kiosk in the lobby of your local hospital. What is it most likely to be?
visitor kiosk

Your new home has a vacuum system. What kind of computer is controlling it?
embedded computer

A friend of yours was tlaking on a mobile phone an her attention was diverted from something that was happening around her wihile she was on the ohone. What phenomenon does this illustrate?
inattentional blindness

At your local supermarket, there is a kiosk that allows you to rent your favorite movie on DVD. Of which of the folliwing is this an example?
vending kiosk

Last night, you experienced a power increase that lasted for less than one thousandth of a second. What is the term for this?

Your electric service has been failing with some frequency lately because of a lot of storms, and you are looking for more peace of mind when it comes to a reliable power source for your computer. What could help?

You have just designed a device-tracking app for sale in the app marketplace. Which of the following are you last liekly to use in yor app?

A theif has unfortunately captured your ATM card number by placing a panel on top of the face of an ATM, which was virtually undetectable to you. What is this technology called?

A computer salesmen refers to the shape and size of your new computer by a specific term. What term does he use?
form factor

Your organization has a large number of servers. What are you likely to choose as a result?
blade server

You are looking fro a computer to provide a central location for online game play. What kind of computer do you need?

What is your library using because it costs less, is easier to maintain, and uses less power than desktop computers?
thin client

What is an alternative to the use of your finger to enter data on a tablet like the one shown in the accompanying figure?

You need to restore a computer that has suffered a satastrophic failure. What are you most likely to use?
backup server

A type of computer usually has thousands of users. What is most likely to be the type of computer?

Your desktop houses its systm unit in a frame of metal. What is the term fro this frame?

You are outside in a public park with your friend. Both of you have Wi-fi devices. For the devices to communiacate wiht each other, what is the maximum distance they can be apart?
300 feet.

You are storing a new worksheet online for members of your project team to be able to shae access to it. What kind of computing is this an example of?
cloud computing

Your server room has ample floor space. What are you most likely to choose?
tower server

Would you want to use a netbook to complete processor-intensive tasks?

You are looking for a port that will work for an audio device. What is most likely to wokr?

Your mamager has asked you to shift useage and consumption of technology resources form a local envirnment managed by in-house IT staff to the internet. What kind of computing will allow you to accomplish her goal?

Which of the following would allow you to capture a series of images wiht your camera in rapid succession?
burst mode

You want to connect your mobile device to a speaker. What is a way to do so?
via a port

What is not true of the thin client on your desk at your office?
IT has extensive capabilities.

You need t store and manage all fo teh Microsoft office files for your office. What are you most likely to use?
storage server

You are looking for a general-purpose port to connect two devices together. Wgar is your best bet?

You received a new portable media player for your birthday. It is less than ideal as a gift, however, because you were hoping to do something wiht it, and it is not something you can do with the player. What is the thing you were hoping to do?
Manage a server

You have purchases a surge protector and you are happy wiht it, in part becasue it has an appropriate Joule rating. What is that rating?

You want to find a device that can connect to your mobile device and enable you to prin. What do you use?

What is not a part of a server like the one in the accompanying figure?
Bundled software

What si the technology featured in teh trend know as the Internet of Things?
embedded computers