The motherboard has got expansion slots which makes It capable to add extra hardware such as graphics card. Processor C] A processor unit (CHIP) is the hardware within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by doing the basic input/output operations of the system. C] A processor is connected into the motherboard by a socket which can simply click the processor into the board without soldering. Random Access Memory (RAM) 0 A RAM is a form of storage, can be accessed in any random order.

There are 2 different kinds of RAM's SIMMS- single in line memory module- and a DIM - duel In line memory module - which brings Information In and out but the duel module can do both on one module. Hard Disk Drive (HAD) CLC Used to read disks, data is read in a random access matte. The SAT connects the host bus adapters to the mass storage devices. The IDÉE connects the drive directly to the motherboard and the SIC is capable of supporting 8 devices. Optical Drives 0 Optical drives are a disk drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic waves to read the data. A HAD is similar to the optical drives.

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Disks can have ROOM - read only memory - which means that the information on chant be changed or overwritten, Writable which means its capable of recording data and rewritable which means it can save over existing data. Visual Display Unit VADUZ or Monitor) Q The visual display unit Is the monitor that allows you to be able to see the data. It always does a booting process that is fixed into the computers system and can't be Network card (NICE) 0 Allows the computer to connect to other devices. The RAG-45 the connector at the end of the wire and the Catch is the cable. The network speed is measured in MBPS - megabits per second.

Ethernet is the most common type of network. Graphics Card 0 Graphics cards are used for good quality. Mainly for gamers. EPIC-Express - high speed expansion used mainly with the graphics card to increase the speed. SSL are seed to have multiple graphics cards and the graphics card also has a clock speed like the processor. Sound card 0 A sound card can produces audio and can also receive audio. EPIC-Express - high speed expansion used mainly with the graphics card to increase the speed but the sound card also has a sample rate which allows a higher the rate the better quality the sound.

US (Power Supply Unit) 0 Brakes down the power so the computer doesn't receive too much power from the main power coming through the walls. Form Factor/ATX is the size, shape and how it fits. Cases 0 The case protects the components, holds it together and cools it. There's also a form Factor/ATX for the case too which is the size, shape and how it fits. Mouse 0 The mouse allows the user to navigate through the computers system with aid of the visual display unit. It can be connected in many different ways like USB and ass. Ever time the mouse's have gotten more technological by going from using a trackball all the way to touched. Keyboard 0 The keyboard allows you to interface with the computer which will allow communicating with it and inputting data. It can be connected in many different ways like USB and ass. USB 0 USB (Universal serial bus) is used to hold data. They can be transported very easily and over time newer versions have come out that allows the USB to be faster and hold more. Firmware 0 Transfers data between devices. More suitable for audio and videos as it is more compatible with different kinds of documents.

Flash drives 0 A USB flash drive is a storage device that's Just like a universal serial bus USB. 0 The difference is that it's a non-volatile computer storage and that its developed from electrically erasable programmable read-only memory. Operating system 0 An operating system has some functions that it has to do. 0 The first one being s done by default. 0 It allows you to perform basic tasks such as using extra devices like a keyboard or mouse. Things like this are called plug and play. This is because the operating system knows what the device is that has been added and will be configured by its self. They all allow you to use a user interface be that the command line or graphical user interface (GUI). 0 It handles system recourses such as computer memory and shares the Cups time. Operating systems-command line interface advantages 0 The command line interface has some advantages but some disadvantages. Some advantages are that if the user knows the correct commands then it is one of the fastest interfaces that can be used but it also doesn't need a lot of RAM to be used or CPU processing time to be used. It's a low resolution so it doesn't require an expensive monitor.

Operating systems-command line interface disadvantages 0 But unfortunately there are some disadvantages where it does let CLC down a lot as its very complicating and confusing to use if you don't know how to use it and its very precise so if there's one error in the command then the command won't be understood and the command will have to be re-wrote from the start. There's a large amount of commands which have to be learnt to use CLC properly. Mac so x advantages 0 SO X is one of the most technological advanced operating system.

Its easier to use, more secure and quicker than other operating systems. It's UNIX based which is also the reason why its quicker and more secure. Mac so x disadvantages 0 SO X is one of the most expensive choices which can put most people off buying it. It's harder to get support if something goes wrong as you have to go to apple for the hardware problems this will cost time and more money. Windows 8 advantages There is lots of software and games that are developed for windows as it's the most commonly used and the easiest to develop with. Windows is somewhat user friendly as it's really simple to use as it has the start bar which makes navigation through the computer easier. Windows 8 disadvantages 0 Windows has lots of features that most people wont use. This will slow down the computers CPU making the computer much slower and with a disk drive with less space in it. 0 Windows is always a problem with viruses as they are mainly aimed at windows as it's the most commonly used so they are programmed for windows. Can get expensive.