Will find ways to combat these security challenges and implement measures to avoid these threats of the security system for the B & N Corporation. Introduction The development of computer technology and communication over the last decades has change the life of society, government and businesses. The Internet has become an indispensable communication tool and an integral part of our daily lives. Businesses, large corporations and small companies alike, have also integrated the Internet in their daily operations.

For most businesses the Internet serve as a platform upon which their business processes are built and performed. As sinuses become more complex, vital business information are being stored, exchanged and transferred over the Internet and data security has become a major concern. It Is imperative to implement a robust system, upgrade your firewall and the necessary security system for your organization that will protect the company's assets and avoid financial loss.

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Problem Statement Computer crimes and security breached are becoming more sophisticated and they are increasing in frequency. Cybernetics like cyber terrorists are targeting organizations with viruses, worms, mallard, hacking, pushing and anonymous sequences that can evade current security controls. These attacks can compromised any organization computer system and IT infrastructure and also impact their reputation. Many companies go to great lengths to ensure that appropriate security measures are applied to servers, workstations, and firewalls through applications and policies.

However, businesses often neglect to consider the Inherent security vulnerabilities through their employees. Educating the B & N Corporation employees about computer security Is absolutely necessary. Problem Identification The B & N organization's computer system are linked with external systems and management's responsibility transcend beyond the organization. This required management to know what general level or type of security is employed on the external systems, the assurance that the external system provides adequate security for using the organization's resources.

Since their computer system was recently compromised, management was concern about the security of the company and the tools that were used to breach the security system. Hence USN Inc. Was appointed to make the necessary and appropriate security changes and suggestions. Project Format One of the most important assets for the B & N Corporation is their data; without data this organization could not function. Unfortunately senior management underestimated the importance of data.

Data should be considered as vital as all other assets, such as buildings, cash and personnel. Vulnerability assessments will be performed on their entire security system, and particular attention will be placed on the servers that house their data; identify vulnerabilities to determine current security weaknesses that could expose assets to threats. Using a collaboration of tools and procedures will do these assessments. Names and contact information of each team member will be provided along with tasks assigned.

Security* Guide to Network Security Fundamentals, Third Edition Timetable Each individual task identified in the schedule is given a duration consisting of a start and end time. Team members will be assigned to each task, and target dates can be set at significant points within the project schedule. Our company uses Share Point time management software to make the communication channels more efficient and effective. B & En's senior management team on this project will have access to keep abreast with the project's progression. They can also make sure that targets are being reached within an acceptable time frame.

Project Deliverables The Computer Security Project is being undertaken to upgrade and implement a new robust security system for the B & N Corporation at the projected delivery date. The Project is aimed to provide the organization with a rigid security system with the necessary policies and procedures. At the completion of the project a formal as fully acceptable. Project Costs A detailed line budget will be provided; it will be divided into categories such as salaries, travels, supplies, fringe benefits and equipment with direct and indirect cost.

The cost for each task in the project will be computed on the basis of how much skilled and unskilled labor the task uses. In some cases adjustment to the budget will occur when necessary. Conclusion This proposal shows the capabilities that can be provided to secure your system. Implementing a system that will harden your operating system is the key in resisting attacks. The approach of securing your operating system will be through security policies, configuration baselines, security templates and then deployment.