You can right click on the subjects' section to filter unwanted section. The application will skip the filtered section In the generated timetable matching list. Click Generate Timetable Matches to start generate the timetable matches. Step 3: The Main Timetable Timetable matches list sack to SEEMS Once the timetable matches are generated, you can choose the matches within the lists back and forth for the best timetable matches. To get the best matches that fit our preference, you can filter both wanted and unwanted timeliest.

For example: 1) If you don't want 08:00 am to 10:00 am class: class. 2) If you don't want 08:AMA to 10:AMA class as well as all Friday class: Left click on the two timeliest will filter all the matches that contain am to loam class. Left click on the Friday timeliest will filter all the matches that contain Friday class. 3) If you want Monday class 12:pm to 13:pm and don't want class from 08:AMA to 10:AMA and Friday class: Right click the timeliest to set preference.

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The matches list will list the entire timetable match that contains Monday 12:pm to 13:pm class. Step 4: This is the subjects' section to register in MUM Course Registration System. Click Summary to get the generated timetable summary. Click on the Summary will list the subjects' section that you need to register in MUM Course Registration system. Step 5: You can save and load SEEMS source for faster access in the future. You can save the timetable in Excel C.V. Format for further editing and printing.

You can save and load the ICE-MS source as XML file for future access. You can also save the generated timetable to Excel C.V. format for further editing and printing. Finally... Thank you for using the application. Hope this application brings a more enjoyable life in MUM because a good timetable can significantly reduce study stress, and reduce the cases of class skipping. :-) For IT students who wish to learn more or would like to improve the application, you are free to request source code from me.