For video card I chose a Voodoo 5500 PC as it is recommended by many sites. For sound card I will Just buy a cheap one because I don't think it's going to make a big difference in the sound quality. I am going to buy a hard drive with 60 gigabytes because I like to install a lot of software and download a lot of songs. A big case is needed since I would like to upgrade my computer a lot. The speakers has to be a suborder as I like the feel of the bass.

I will buy a Sony 27 inches monitor since I don't want to hurt my eyes and want the best monitor to get the maximum performance from the graphics. Although it is cheap, I like this logistic mouse because it is cordless thus easy to move around. I am buying a Microsoft keyboard since the company is a reliable one, and it is cheap also. I chose this xix CD ROOM because it supports all types of CD formats, including the state-of-the-art Cd-raw.

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I will add a CD-raw drive to my computer because I like to make music CDC, Creative is a reliable brand whose quality is always satisfactory. Plus, it enables me to download the latest digital audio file from the Internet and store them on CDC instead of on my hard drive. Lastly, I will buy a Canon bubble Jet color printer. The product might not be as top notch as the other kinds but I Just need a average printer since I don't print things a lot. This is the computer of my dream.