To begin with the detrimental effects, the most common reason to underrate computer simulation games Is that It takes too much time of the users to sit In front f the screen rather than playing sports or doing some cultural activities with their beloved ones. On average, the people who play games too frequently tend to lead to a sedentary lifestyle and pose social problems. For instance, I have a boy friend in my class. He always want to talk about games, the way to win and how to pass one level in games.

With me, I do not like that because I also play games enough to do the different social activities. He spends almost time to stay at home and play games. I tried to advise him to give up that habit but not effect. His healthy Is bring down day by day and his parent must take him into reformatory. Additionally, this kind of game is dead easy for games to be addicted to since throughout the game process. They are given many scores, awards and continuously perform the new which can make them far more exciting and engaging than their everyday activities.

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Subsequently, a video game addict always gets entangled with the thoughts about the games and can not concentrate on doing something In a serious way. On the other hand, this type of game also provides numerous priceless advantages. While playing games, the brain of the users must brainstorm and train some significant skills such as imagination, predictability, even leadership in virtually strategy games, which we could not taught outside the gaming context though.

Moreover, some cooperative games ( namely Defend of the Ancients, League of Legends,etc ) might be a novel way to bring people together as well as teaching us how to do a good teamwork. For this reason, a new sport named Sport ( Electronic Sport ) which contains some competitions of the worldwide - renowned games mentioned above, appeared and has became famous all over the world. Your task is thinking about the best way to play games, choose one is suitable with your age, your mind.

Everybody in all age can play game because we have a big variety system of game. Remember finding the usage in game Is the most important fact when you play games. Please avoid the "black games" which do not have any benefit for you. In conclusion, I hold firmly to the notion that although playing video games has both pros cons, its potential dangers are outweighed by its profits. Eventually, you be a mart player who can stand to much benefits from games but still allocate your time effectively.

Computer games have been more popular in recent years, particularly with children. Computer simulation games is that it takes too much time of the users to sit in front tried to advise him to give up that habit but not effect. His healthy is bring down day not concentrate on doing something in a serious way. How to do a good teamwork. For this reason, a new sport named E-sport.