Computer Engineering Personal Statement My interest in computers came at a fairly age when I got my first computer. At that time, only few people knew how to use it and no one had time to teach me, so had to learn by my own. When I was sixteen, got into building my own p. Co's because of how overpriced everything was. Up to now still build and repair several computers of friends, relatives and myself. Computers have been always been my hobby for me but now I want to turn this into a professional and rewarding career.

I believe that I have the personal skills and titivation to be successful in computer engineering. Also I know that engineering is a discipline that will make a tangible difference in the world and I'm certain I will enjoy the opportunity to fully reach this potential. I hope to be able to develop new technologies and solutions which would benefit both the people and the planet. At college where I studied my Level EDGE achieved very good grades in all my subjects, which provided a real boost to my confidence levels. I also excelled at sport related activities in the field. S a member of a football and cricket teams.

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