The table below outlines the areas of achievement used to determine your eligibility: Statistics Tackles 18 Sacks 7 Interceptions 5 GAP (4. 0 scale) 3. 94 ACT score In addition to your athletic feats and academic performance, we recognize your other achievements, particularly: Student ambassador In Junior and senior years Community service projects, including stints with Rebuild Frankfort, Frankfort Heritage, and Dolman After-School Group Volunteer tutoring work at local schools The Devalue Athletic Scholarship Group congratulates you on your achievements.

We thank you for serving as such an Inspiring role model for our school districts younger children, and we wish you continued success In your education. Sincerely, President Space exploration is fraught with danger. Thus, it is extremely important that all decisions be made with precision and that all personnel are aware of problems before the problems become too serious. For instance, space vehicles contain a plethora of sensors that measure environmental variables such as temperature, velocity, position, and altitude.

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If the sensors return a reading outside the acceptable range, then computers correct the problems or notify mission control if necessary. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) employees work around the clock, monitoring the output from the space vehicle sensors while the vehicle is in flight and communicating to astronauts if any action is required to ensure a safe mission. With billions of dollars spent on space exploration, computers play a vital role in guaranteeing the safety of the space vehicle.