Description Practicum is the most important when a students taking a bachelor degree. Students are needed to do this training with the given time because it is required for the completion. Many of the students are manually compute on how many time are needed to fulfill or how many time left In the practicum . PEE System Developer Inc are tying to develop a system that are used to make JOT time computing easier. This system are very useful to the students who taking practicum because It can easily compute the JOT time.

By registering the student Universal Serial Number USN) , the personal Information, and also the specific time that are need to be done In the practicum. After registration has been done, students need to login to check If the Information is correct. And when the students start doing the training to the chosen company, JOT Student need to login as attendance to system to start counting down by hour their JOT tm. So that it will used to monitor the time without computing it manually. This system can be used by the school or some popular company that are accepting JOT students so, it will avoid time cheating of the students.

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