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I have chosen computer aided drafting as my career, and by the year

2000 I hope

to be working as a CAD operator. Some major concerns about choosing

computer aided

drafting as my career are: why I chose this career, the advantages,

disadvantages, and the

many statistics such as the average income.

I chose computer aided drafting (or CAD) as my career because of many


One reason I chose this job is because my father works with CAD, and I

know things

about the job that the average Joe wouldn't. For instance some things I

know are the kinds

of working conditions and the stress involved. Another reason I chose

CAD is because I

enjoy working with computers and designing things. Ever since I was

little I have been

fascinated with computers. I always used to take things apart and see

how they work.

One thing I looked at specifically when choosing this job are the

advantages and

disadvantages. Some advantages are, a high salary, low level of

education required, the

high level of growth in the job, and good benefits. One disadvantage is

some what bad

working conditions, such as a cramped office or cubicle. This can lead

to stress and

frustration. Furthermore, the fact that this job is a nine to five type

of job is also a

disadvantage, the job gets monotonous and boring after working at it for

a few years.

Overall I think the advantages out weigh the disadvantages, and I feel

that this is a good


The many statistics in every career always play a part in how much

people like to

work in the field. In CAD the average pay is thirty thousand a year, but

can be as high as

fifty. Benefits include: paid vacations, health insurance, dental and

accident insurance,

and retirement plans. The job outlook is quite good, the number of

drafters need is

expected to grow because of our expanding business world, Although in

recessions CAD

operators are at a high risk of being laid off.

I believe CAD to be a good investment as a long term career. I have

studied the

advantages, as well as the disadvantages, I have seen drafters at work,

and spoken with

them. I have come to believe that I have made a very educated decision

and intend to

stick with it.