It also helps by showing what they do. 3. If you were giving your Career Presentation to a group of students in your class, what kind of special element could you use? List at least one way the special element would enhance the information in the presentation. List at least one reason why the special element would be appropriate for your audience. Explain In 3-6 sentences. (5. 0 points)' would bring something like a laptop from my Job. I might also show them what I do with that laptop at my Job.

It is appropriate because It is important to my Job and it is something I use every day at my Job. 4. Use the Presentation Wizard to preview slide backgrounds. List at least two slide backgrounds that aren't simple or professional, and give at least one reason why for each. Explain In 2-4 sentences. (3. 0 points) Parallax because It has random lines running through It. Celestial Is also unprofessional as It has random distracting numbers and circles In the background. 5.

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List at least two things to think about when you're editing an Image, and then importing It Into a presentation. Explain In 1-2 sentences. (2. 0 points) How It Is going to look In the end and making sure It's not off topic. 6. What part of preparing for and giving a presentation to a group of people would be easiest for you? What part would be the most difficult? Give at least 1 reason why. Explain In 2-5 sentences. (3. 0 points) Convince people of something (even If It's untrue). I also Like get the point across In the minimal amount of sentences/tale.