What is the maximum range of the Bluetooth 2.0 specification for Class 1 devices?
100 M

Which of the following are characteristics of Bluetooth
1. Ad hoc connections
2. 2.4 Ghz radio wireless

You need a type of wireless connection that can transfer data between your phone, PDA, and laptop. You are transferring sensitive information. Which would be the best choice?

Which of the following wireless communication technologies can be described as follows
1. Has a very limited transmission range, of less than two inches
2. Used with credit cards and passports
3. Slower than other wireless technologies
4. Constantly emitting a signal

1. Up to 100 meters for Class 1 devices
2. Up to 30 meters in areas without interference
3. Up to 10 meters for class 2 devices
1. Bluetooth
2. Infared
3. Bluetooth

Which of the following are used to connect a cable modem to the Internet connection
RG-6 and F-Type connectors

Which type of network medium is used by an ISDN adapter
Copper telephone wire

Which network technology is packaged as part of a BRI plan?

Which of the following are features of Basic Rate ISDN
Dial up connection
Two data channels
One control channel

Which actions allow you to access the internet on your laptop via a cellular network?
Install a cellular USB adapter in an open port on the laptop

what are four options for connecting a computing device such as a notebook or tablet to a cellular network.
1. Use a USB cellular antennae to connect the device directly to the cellular network
2. Use an integrated cellular antennae to connect the device directly to the cellular network
3. Use the device's wi-fi to connect to the network though a cellular wifi-hot spot
4. Use a USB cable to connect the device to the network though a smartphone.

Your network follows the 1000 Base-T specifications for Gigabit Ethernet. What is the maximum cable segment length allowed?
100 meters

What type of fiber optic cable supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet with a maximum segment length of up to 40 km?
10GBaseER single-mode

What allows network communications to be transmitted over existing AC power lines?
Ethernet over power

What two statements about the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol are true?
1. A workstation must request addressing information from a DHCP server
2. It can deliver a DNS server adress in addition to the host IP adress

You are setting up a small network in you office with one Windows server and 50 Windows workstations. You want to spend as little time as possible configuring the workstations with IP addressing information. What should you do?
Install the DHCP service on your server.

Which TCP/IP configuration parameter identifies the router that is used to reach hosts on remote networks.
Default gateway

Which two mechanisms could you use to resolve a hostname into its associated IP address?
DNS and Hosts File

IP adress
Subnet mask
1. What is this special IP configuration called? = Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)
Why did the workstation receive this type of configuration? = The workstation was unable to contact the DHCP server

You have a host on your network that provides a service that require the server to always use a specific address. Which IP adressing method can you use to manually assign the specific IP address?
Static IP Addressing

You have a user who takes his laptop home every day after work. When he's working in the office, the laptop must get an IP address from the DHCP server so you configure it to obtain IP and DNS information automatically. When he's working from home, the laptop must use IP and DNS information that connects with his home network. Which IP addressing method can you use to make sure he gets a network connection at home?
Alternate IP Configuration

What are two examples of an IPv6 adress


What correctly describes the most common format for expressing IPv6 adresses
Hexadecimal numbers

32 numbers, grouped using colons

128-bit address

Eight hexadecimal quartets

Which of the following describes the part of the IPv6 adress that identifies the subnet address?
The last quartet in the IPv6 address prefix

What is an example of a valid IP address.

Which of the following are NOT valid IP addresses

What are three examples of a Class C IP address

What are three examples of a Class B IP address

What are three examples of a class A network IP Address

What are three examples of IP addresses that have a default mask of 255.555.0.0?

Which IP address is reserved for Automatic Private IP Addressing? -

You want to allow your users to download files from a server running the IP protocol. You want to protect access to the files by requiring user authentication to access specific directories on the server. Which IP protocol should you implement to provide this capability?

What protocol is used to send e-mail messages from a mail client to a mail server?

Which of the following protocols is used by an e-mail client to retrieve messages from an e-mail server and gives users the option to keep mail messages on the server?

You want to implement name resolution on the Linux workstations in your company. Which protocol will you use to do this?

Which IP protocol is used by Web browser and Web servers to exchange files?

Which of the following protocols is non-routable and requires another protocol to enable internetwork communications.

What protocol do e-mail clients use to download messages from a remote mail server?

You've used you Windows workstation to map a drive to a shared folder on a windows server which protocol was used to access the share?

You've just installed the DNS service on a Windows server. Which port must be opened in the server's firewall to allow clients to access the service?

You've enabled Remote Desktop on a Windows workstation. Which port must be opened in the server's firewall to allow remote clients to access the desktop?

Port Numbers for Protocols
Secure Shell (SSH) = 22
Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) = 548
HTTP over SSL (HTTPS) = 443
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) = 80
Server Message Block (SMB/CIFS) directly over TCP = 445
Service Location Protocol (SLP) = 427
Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) = 143

What device is used to create a physical star topology?

What is an example of a valid MAC address?

A host wants to send a message to another host with the IP address IP does not know the hardware address of the destination device. Which protocol can be used to discover the MAC address?

What is a major benefit of STP over UTP?
Greater resistance to interference

What are two characteristics of a coaxial network cable?
It uses two concentric metallic conductors

It has a conductor made from copper in the center of the cable

Which two terms refer to a network resource sharin model that use access control lists saved on each computer?


Which of the following terms describe a group of computers and users that utilize centralized resources administration, and security settings?


What are two advantages of using a domain to manage a network?
Centralized administration


What is the maximum transmission speed for Bluetooth v3 and v4 devices?
24 Mbs

You are configuring an ADSL connection. Which of the following will be part of the configurations?

Filters or splitters

How can you tell an IPv6 address is valid.
An IPv6 address is a 128-bit address listed as eight 16-bit hexadecimal sections. Leading zeros can be omitted in each section. Therefore, 6384:1319:7700:7631:446A:5511:8940:2552 and 141:0:0:0:15:0:0:1 are both valid IPv6 IP addresses. A single set of all-zero sections can be abbreviated with two colons (::). Therefore, 141::15:0:0:1 would be a valid way of writing that address. Digits in a hexadecimal system range from 0-9 and A-F. H is not a valid hexadecimal number. 343F:1EEE:ACDD:2034:1FF3:5012 is too short, having only six sections instead of eight.

Which of the following identifies the Interface ID component of an IPv6 address?
The last 64 bits of an IPv6 address

The last 4 quartets of an IPv6 address

Which of the following identifies the prefix component of an IPv6 address
The first 64 bits of an IPv6 address

The first 4 quartets of an IPv6 address

A black down arrow in device manager means what?
The device is disabled.

What does a yellow exclamation mark mean in device manager?
The driver software has not been installed.

What is the term for a error detection technique that can detect errors with only one bit

What are three software-generated problems can indicate that a software bug is causing a memory error
Exception Error

Page Fault

General-protection fault

How can you look up the IP address of a server/website
ping www.widgets.com

nslookup www.widgets.com

Which command would you use to have a workstation stop using an IP address that it obtained from a DHCP server?
ipconfig /release

Which command allows for a continuous ping

Match the questions up with the answer: Switch, Bridge, Router or Hub

1. Connects segments on the same subnet. Forwards signals to only the port connected to the destination device.

2. Can be used to connect wireless clients to wired clients on the same network.

3. Connects two network segments that have different subnet addresses.

4. Connects segments on the same subnet. Repeats signals out to all other ports.

5. Operate in full-duplex mode, meaning devices can both send and receive data at the same time.

6. Operates in half-duplex mode, meaning devices can either send or receive data at any given time.

7. Uses the IP address within a packet to move packets between networks.

1. Switch

2. Bridge

3. Router

4. Hub

5. Switch

6. Hub

7. Router

How can you tell a class c ip address from different types
class c will have the first quartet ranging from 192 to 223.