Indian defense procurements Include strategic defense capabilities on land, sea and air. Production of defense equipment has been under the purview of Government right from its inception. The Industrial Policy of the country has kept defense production, in the public sector since First Industrial Policy outlined in the Industry Policy Resolution of 1948. The Industries (Development & Regulation) Act, 1951 gave statutory base to the Industrial Policy.

Under this policy, the Defense Industry, which required heavy investments and strong R&D remained under Government Control at all times due to the criticality of the industry. As a consequence of the this Industrial policy, a large infrastructure for Defense reduction consisting of, 39 Ordnance Factories, 8 Defense Us and 50 Research & Development laboratories was created in the country. However, contrary to the common perception, the Private Sector has been playing significant role in the Defense industry sector as sub contractors and ancillary industry.

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The private sector mainly has been Involved In supply of raw materials, semi-finished products, parts and components to Defense Us and Ordnance Factories to a great extent and also to Base Workshops of Army and Base Repair Depots of Air Force and the Dockyards of the Navy'. After considering the capital intensive nature of defense industry sector as also the need to Infuse foreign technology and additional capital Including FED, Gobo. Decided in May, 2001 to open Defense industry for private sector participation up to 100% with FED permissible up to - both subject to licensing.

After opening up of defense production for the private sector, the industry has shown keen interest in this field. Many large Industries have shown definite Inclination to Invest both In R and infrastructure to develop capabilities in defense production to assume the role of system integrators. Taiwan is one of the biggest markets for Industrial computer companies. Not only do Indian companies have their vendors in Taiwan, but many other countries also Import components or purchase Industrial computers from Taiwan companies.

The report also Identifies various clusters of Industrial computers companies in India, especially those catering to the defense sector. The report provides a complete market dynamics of Industrial computers with the help of deferent analysis models like SOOT Analysis, PEST Analysis and market analysis for new and existing players. The major focus of this report Is on two countries India and Taiwan, and it is valuable to companies looking for acquisitions, expansion plans and tie-ups in India or Taiwan. The supply markets for industrial computers in Taiwan product.

In Taiwan, most industrial computers production facilities are located in Taipei. On the other hand, defense offsets policy is expected to bring in INNER $10 billion during the 1 lath five-year plan period and catalyst the growth of the Seems in the defense set up by easy market-entry opportunities for private companies, enabling them to invest in research and development and manufacturing of defense goods. With estimations stating that the current defense market for private sector firms in India is around $700 million, evidently there is a huge opportunity.