In the year 2010-2011 has a big Impact for the year 2012 In the Gulf countries. Who gains more? Who gains less? What measures a country's progress? Money talks all over the world and the percentage of Increase and decrease Is a big issue In business. In Gulf countries 2010-2011 change the expected standards In year 2012.

It affects the recruitment and mobility, the economic status, cost of living, salaries and anticoagulation. The economic status In the 2009 suffered a battering after years of run-away growth. The price of crude oil remained throughout the year below its peak value. Having a greater reliance and exposure to international market, Dublin remained the regions most subdued economy and followed by the ICC. All markets have a hard time but meaningfully and better than in 2009. In terms of recruitment and mobility, many companies make painful cuts.

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They eliminate the weak employees and keep heir top performers despite of more candidates being available in the market; it was still hard to filled good quality, effective and efficient candidates. For two consecutive years 2010-2011 , the cost of living for gulf countries experienced inflationary trends but deferent to their past standards. The salaries increased at an average rate of 6. 1% across the ICC during 2010, similar to the previous year level of 6. 2%. In terms of job categories human resources has the highest pay increase and lowest average reported are the lawyers.

The year 2012 experience the high economic growth compared last 2010-2011. Though, the year 2011 for Arab world was experience a political disorder It doesn't affect the economic growth of different countries of ICC. In terms of mobility and recruitment Saudi Arabia is enjoying the highest rate of Job creation In the region and Bahrain the lowest. During 2012, AAU salaries are expected to rise by an average of 5. 1%. The cost of living for gulf countries In this year Increased the salary of AAU by 4. 9% In 201 1, compared with Inflation at 0. 9%.

In Job categories HRS professionals received the highest average pay rise In 2011. Across the gulf, OLL and gas, healthcare and retail sectors are seeing the largest headcount expansion. Employees paid with the right amount they ought to have and the feeling of satisfaction keep them to where they are. The fruit of one's effort must be enough and countries which can give much worth to your work are more likely the aim of working place. The developing countries are more likely to experience sudden changes when it comes to the financial status of the country.

The employment increase in manpower and government's money when all the Jobs have good result. The potential candidates look for countries that can give more than their own country. It is a trend nowadays that professionals of a country use their expertise in other countries that can provide much of what they should have. They look for countries that have high level of compensation rate and those that can provide the increase that they are looking for. Every country meets changes on their economic status every year and this affects the different factors especially in terms of employment and salary trends.