Compare and Contrast Essay
According to The Pearl, the Indians and the Caucasians had the same plans of their own if they owned the pearl. The pearl meant wealth for the Indians. To the whites the pearl meant more power and wealth. Unlike the Caucasian, the Indians had many reasons for desiring the great pearl.

In The Pearl it talks about Kino's dreams and plans. For example, he finds the pearl and the first thing that come to mind are the things he can give his family, seeing Jauna in a shawl and a nice dress with shoes. Kino could finally have a nice hat made not of straw but as of velvet. The whites on the other hand would most likely new businesses think of only making more money.

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When Kino's baby was stung by the scorpion, Juana and Kino took the baby to the doctor. When Kino told the doctor, he had no money the doctor told them he wasn't' going to treat his baby. Then when the doctor found out about kino having a pearl the doctor immediately went to Kino's house to treat the injured baby. In the story the Indians didn't care about money only the well being of each other. When they found out kino's baby is stung by a scorpion and needs help from a doctor the villagers go to the doctor's house to ask for his assistants.
When the priest heard the news of the new found fortune of Kino he wondered what the pearl would be worth to him and his church, he tried to remember whether or not he had baptized Kino's baby or even married them. The priest didn't do neither of these things because kino didn't' have any money and the priest would only do it for money.
Juana at first found the pearl to be a blessing. Later in the story she finds it to be evil. The pearl caused her husband to go insane with greed and power. He strikes his wife when she tries to get rid of the pearl. He goes so far as to killing someone.

To sum it up peoples greed leads to their destruction, both mentally and physically. What this book proves is that we shouldn't take advantage of the things and the people that we already have.