Failure to do so will invalidate your payment. . Pay in CASH only. Excess payment is forfeited. Payments less than the amount due will be invalidated. LBS will not accept payments less than PHI. 2. You have 2 days (up to Friday, November 08, 2013) to complete this payment. Otherwise, this reference number will expire and your payment will be invalidated. If deadline falls on a public holiday, you may deposit the following day. 3. LBS branches follow a cut-off time.

If you pay past the cut-off, LBS will treat it as a next day transaction already and you ay miss your deadline above. 4. Inform the LBS cashier that this is a Bills Payment and not a Peso Pack door-to-door remittance. 5. If you are paying for multiple Dragonfly reference numbers, fill-up a separate remittance slip for each reference number. Do not lump them Into a single payment. 6. Do not pay prior to getting a reference number from our system for a transaction.

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Make sure to get a reference number first before paying. 7. Note that LBS payments will only reflect the next day. We will automatically send a confirmation email to you once processed. You may want to print this email and present to LBS. For payment-specific inquiries, you may call or email us or start a live chat session. For product-specific inquiries or questions regarding the status of your order, please contact the merchant directly. DISCLAIMER: Dragonfly is an independent third party payment processor.

Any terms, conditions or warranty for the product or service that o purchase using our payment facility is strictly between you and the merchant. Dragonfly shall not be held liable for failure of the merchant to deliver the said product or service as advertised. Furthermore, you hereby release and hold harmless Dragonfly from all allowably arising from the payment you are about to make, as all liability shall reside with the merchant. By using Dragonfly, you agree to be instructional purposes. It is not a voucher, receipt, nor confirmation of a completed payment.