To educate students to become excellent and ethical Economist, Entrepreneurs, Accountant and Business Managers who are socially responsible and globally oriented. * To make them ready to deal with problems they will face as professional and responsible citizens. List of Courses * Bachelor of Science in Accountancy () * The program will provide a broad base of knowledge concerning accounting, auditing, management and prepares them for a variety of financial careers. Bachelor of Science In Business Administration (BABE) Major in : Banking and Finance * prepared for careers with banks and other financial Institutions, securities firms and government agencies that oversee the financial sector. Management * The program alms to produce students who are equipped with skills necessary for careers in management, marketing, logistics and company operations.

Marketing Designed to provide a broad-based business education and a strong knowledge of the basic marketing principles. The marketing curriculum develops the executive Business Economics Designed to provide students with solid background and training In the methods and applications of economic analysis. And to strengthen the ability of the students to engage in an interdisciplinary analysis of problems and issues in the theory and practice of economics, with specific applications to business governance. Bachelor of Science in Custom Administration * Aim to produce customs brokers, freight forwarders, logistics managers, export- import managers and government customs officers and employees whose knowledge , skills and attitude are sufficient Curriculum : Principle of Management Accounting Introduction to Microeconomics Introduction to Macroeconomics.

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