BitcoinVox had the chance to interview Jaron Lukasiewicz, CEO of Coinsetter, New-York based online Bitcoin Exchange and ECN.

How did CoinSetter start ?

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Jaron Lukasiewicz - We started Coinsetter in November 2012 with the goal of creating a dependable US-based bitcoin trading platform. Our early intentions were simple, but we have ultimately created an institutional-level exchange with valuable features for active traders and other bitcoin companies.

When do you expect to be regulated ?

Jaron Lukasiewicz - We believe we will be fully regulated by the end of 2014.

How do you position yourself compared to other Exchanges ?

Jaron Lukasiewicz - There are many ways in which we’re differentiated from other exchanges on the market, but I believe our low latency infrastructure built by Wall Street professionals truly makes us stand out. Anyone actively trading on our site will notice the difference in performance.

Whether you are trading through our web interface or our API, Coinsetter offers features that enhance your performance and account security.

Our interface is user friendly with great trading tools, and our API offer a low latency access point to deep bitcoin liquidity. Our integration of Bitstamp’s order book is a value-add, providing users on our platform with access to the largest bitcoin market in the world.

What is the deal with Coinbase ?

Jaron Lukasiewicz - We have just announced a rebate program in which users who purchase bitcoins on Coinbase and transfer them to Coinsetter can receive a 100% rebate on their Coinbase fees. This makes Coinbase a free way to make a deposit on Coinsetter straight from your US bank account.

Users can now use Coinbase ACH transfers to buy bitcoins for free and fund their account on Coinsetter. More specifically, Coinsettter will refund your fees for bitcoins you buy through Coinbase.

This program allows users to completely bypass interacting with international banks on deposits and withdrawals.

For users who fund their account by purchasing bitcoins on Coinbase and transferring them to Coinsetter, they will have the refund of their purchase fees for deposits of 1 to 100 BTC.

What is next for Coinsetter ?

Jaron Lukasiewicz - We are building a number of institutional trading features right now, as well as completing our regulatory licensing. I am excited about what the next six months

Coinsetter has recently launched the SMS Bitcoin Price Alert to help notify you of important price movements in real time while you are away from your computer, Coinsetter is introducing its premier bitcoin price alerts platform that allows you to receive SMS price alert texts and/or emails directly to your mobile phone.

As major changes in the bitcoin space continue to unfold, it is crucial to stay up-to-date on the bitcoin price when the market begins to fluctuate.

All Coinsetter accounts now automatically have access to this new trading feature. Our users can set alerts to any bitcoin price, whether it be $1 or $10,000, and Coinsetter will instantly send a message to you when the last traded price crosses the alert threshold.

In addition, with our CTO, Marshall Swatt we will continue to be active in presenting bitcoin to various professional industry groups. Through our participation in industry events, we are able to establish a dialogue and relationship with people who are interested in learning more about digital currency but may not have previously had a strong access point to people in the space.

This month, we will give featured discussions at two industry conferences in the New York City area. We encourage all Coinsetter customers to join us at these functions and listen to exciting updates happening behind-the-scenes in the bitcoin space.

On June 25th, Marshall Swatt will be one of three distinguished panelists at the next ON21 Vision Series held. The ON21 Vision Series will explore the cryptocurrency space with an in depth discussion of the technical and financial attributes of bitcoin’s successes and how the currency will continue to evolve in the future.