In my quest for deciding what course to pursue, I also did a 6-week internship tit Larsen & Doubts limited, at their under-construction ICC Bank building (Composite Structure). Here, I was thoroughly exposed and actively involved in the various stages of construction, I. E. Planning, F-lied Execution, Safety Measures and Quality Control. This gave me a very good and generic idea on Civil Engineering projects, right from when it is conceived to the finishing stages.

What drew my interest to Transportation Engineering for the first time was the Traffic snarls Norte my travel from home to work place during the internship. I hail from Hydrated, the capital city of the state of Andorra Pradesh and one of the fastest growing metropolis of the country. In the first quarter of my course, I traveled by public transport and the last three quarters on my motor-bike. All these four years, if there was something which had a huge impact on my psyche then it has to be the "grossly neglected and inadequate public transport" and "poorly traffic-engineered roads".

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The beauty and importance of Transportation lies in the fact that it has a marked effect on the day-to-day lives of millions of people residing in cities worldwide. Today's cities are getting badly entangled in problems of inadequate transport infrastructure. This is causing several losses both in terms of time and money which in turn has adverse ramifications on the over- all progress of the nation as cities serve as their economic centers. This problem has grown and affects the majority of the cities across all the Developing countries of the world.

By 2050, more than half of the 150 billion Indian population will be urban. This means that if development of proper transportation facilities is not given priority, then it would put tremendous pressure on the economy of the country and could subset intently have agitators consequences. Believe this with conviction that a combination of good Traffic Engineering and a proper Railway Network (Metro) can attenuate the huge transport problems which most of the cities are reeling-under today. For example, the Delhi Metro project alleviated many traffic woes of the mega-polis.

What fascinated me is that the Mega-project was completed in record time even though it encountered scores of obstacles. Mr.. E. Sheridan, Manager of Delhi Metro is the first "Technocrat" of India and consider him as an icon in the field of transportation. The present road network was improved and this as augmented by the Metro-Rail and BRATS (Bus Rapid Transport System). These systems run smoothly in tandem and have made traveling in Delhi much easier and thus made it a better place. In the Indian context, I strongly believe that Transportation Engineering is relatively less-explored and has a tremendous potential for quality research.

It is a fresh breath of life for a country where there is no dearth of structural engineers. I deem that I have a sound logical and technical foundation which is reflected on my excellent academic record right from my schooling till today. I have always been among the top 3% students in my class Was a topper in 9th and 10th grades too. I also exhibited great competitive edge when my model was among the top ten of the 200 models which contested in the model making contest (Airport Hangar), conducted by Indian Institute of technology, Bombay.

I stood first in the "Green Olympian" conducted by the ministry of Environment, government of India. My academic pursuits have not however, prevented me from participating in various extracurricular activities. I have been bestowed with responsibility of heading the all-important placement committee of my college which consists f 40 members representing their respective branches of study. Also worked as the Manager, Development Traineeships Sector, Of EASIES, the world's largest student body.

I have always engaged in a lot of community service during my tryst with EASIES where was involved in spreading awareness and teaching campaigns on women empowerment, child rights and AIDS awareness. Also, I volunteered in construction of a school for destitute children conducted by Bum (A Non-Gobo Organization). Have been a keen sportsperson too. Am a certified Croaker and a Swimmer and have won many awards at the All-India level. All these activities gave me an excellent and exhaustive exposure in Leadership, Team-Working, Management and Entrepreneurship skills.