The process of searching huge amounts of data seeking a pattern
Miming Mining

What information is contained in a packet
1. An address to which the packet is being sent
2. The address from where the packet originates
3. Reassembly instructions, if the original data is split between packets
4. The data thats being transmitted

Is the standard communication protocol used on most client/server networks

Crisis Mapping
Tools gather information from sources such as emails, txt messages, and tweets and make the information instantly publicly available for us in emergencies.

Is responsible for the Internets domain name system and the allocation of IP addresses.

Purpose, Mastering, autonomy
Lead to greater motivation

Is a group of two or more computers, or nodes, designed to share information and resources.

_______results when leisure time and tools allow us to engage in creative acts?
Cognitive Surplus

What is a common network topology
Ring Topology, Star, Bus

What are examples of being computer literate?
1. Understanding the real risks
2. Use the web wisely
3. Avoid online annoyances
4. Protect your identity
5. Avoiding viruses/hackers
6. Diagnosing the problem
7. Using web efficitly
8. Avoiding Spam

A______ uses the internet communications infrastructure to build a secure and private network

Unwanted or junk email is called?

______ permits two or more people to communicate over the Internet in real time?
Instant Message

Mastery is defined as?
confidence and excitement about learning new skills

A popular Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service is?

Which Language was created for the transfer

Ring Networks use the _____ method to avoid data collisions?

______ is a personal identification chip that is about the size of a grain of rice and implanted under the skin?

The ______ is an organization of musicians performing together from different locations all over the globe?
Virtual choir

____Solicits online input from consumers?
Crowd Survey

Analyzing computer systems to gather potential legal evidence is computer______?

______refers to the instructions that tell a computer what to do?

A_______ server tracks who is logging on to the network as well as which services on the network are available to each user?
Authethication server

______ tools enable groups of people to connect and exchange ideas?
Social networking

Which is the most commonly used client/server network topology?
Star Network

The term computer____ is used to describe someone who is familiar enough with computers to understand their capabilities and limitaions?

QR stands for?
Quick Response

The gap between those who have easy access to the internet and technology and this who do not?
Digital divide

A_____ network can contain servers as well as individual computers?
Client Server

____is out normal sense of the world around us enhanced with digital information?
augmentation realityrelality

______is the amount of data that can be transmitted across a transmission medium in a certain amount of time?

The ______ initiative is rallying the support of the world to identify mathematical genius?
next Einstein

Autonomy is defined as?
working without continual direction or control

Using the Internet to get small donations from many people to start a business is called?
Crowd Funding

Configuring an account to disable itself after a set number of login attempts using invalid passwords is a method of countering a ______?
Brute force attack

Sharing products rather than owning them individually is known as?
Collaborative consumption

The _____ hopes to stop human rights abuses throughout the world?
witness project

The worlds population combined has an estimated _____ hours a year of free time?
1 trillion

A _____ address is the address that external entities use when communicating with your network?

Affective computing... developing systems that can______?
Recognize and stimulate human emotions

In a _____ network, each node connected to the network communicates directly with every other node?
Peer to Peer

A _____ is an input device that looks like a pen?

The ____ contains the central electronic components of the computer?
Mother board

Is the abbreviation for the place in the computer where the programs and data the computer is currently using are temporarily stored?
The Ram

Sends data between two networks

In binary language, each letter of the alphabet, each number, and each special symbol is made up of a unique combination of eight___?

Computer use_____ consisting of Os and Is?
Binary language

Is concerned with the design and arrangement of machines and furniture to avoid uncomfortable or unsafe experiences?

Apple's OS X and Microsoft windows are examples of?
operating software

A _____ CPU has two processing paths, allowing it to process more than one instruction at a time?
Dual Core

A Apple iPad and samsung galaxy tab and a Microsoft surface are examples of____ computer?

Which computer port can transmit uncompressed audio and video?

Which computers supports many simultaneous users and manages large amounts of data?
Main frame

What is a system used with touch screen?
Capacitive, resistive, surface, acoustic wave system

Flash drives plug into?
USB Drive

What optical storage media has the greatest storage capacity?
Blu Ray (dual Layer), 50 GB, BDs

A ___ is where a peripheral device can attach to a computer so that data can be exchanges between it an the operating system?

The number of pixels displayed on the screen is known as?
screen resolution

A_____ keeps your computer safe by determining who is trying to access it?

What are examples of nonvolatile, storage?
USB, Hard Disk, DVD, ROM, Tape, Cloud

The main suite of protocols used on the Internet is?

The most common type of monitor is?
LCD monitor

Inkjet printers and laser printers are examples of printers?

A ___ address is a unique number that identifies a computer, server, or device connected to the Internet?

Dropbox is an example of?
iCloud storage

A _____ enables your computer to connect to other computers or to the internet?
network interface

What are ways to avoid injuries when working on computers?
Take breaks
Ensure the lighting is adequate
assume proper position
purchase adjustable chair
position your monitor correctly

The "brains" of the computer is?

A address is temporary IP address that is assigned from an available pool of IP addresses?

Have tiny hammer like keys that stake the paper through an inked ribbon?
Impact printer

An IP address that does not change and is usually assigned manually by a network administrator is called _____ address?

Is a representation of a fact, a figure or an idea and can be a number, a word, a picture, or even recording of sound?

When using a spreadsheet, the expression =D8-D17 is called a?

Using applications on smartphones and tablets to buy and sell products is known?
Mobile commerce

Web-based application software is software that is stored completely on web server instead of you?
Hard drive/computer

____ helps run the computer and coordinates instructions between other software and the hardware devices?
System Software

An example of a software suites?
Microsoft office, apple, work, apache, open office

The appropriate software to use for creating research papers if?
Word processing software

______software installation copies all the most commonly used files and programs that distribution disc to your computers hard drive?
Full Installtion

When checking to see whether a particular name is registered on the internet, your computer accesses a database that is kept on a ____ server?

____ defines the content in terms of the data that is being described rather than how it is to be displayed?

To remove red eye from a digital image, you would use software such as?
image editing software/photoshop

A____ is a small program that resides on a server and is designed to be downloaded and run on a client computer?
Ad Lid

You can obtain software through______ in which a vendor hosts the software online over the internet and you don not have to install it?
Software as a service

Which protocol is used when sending files as attachments by e-mail?
MIME/Multiply Internet Mail Extension

Unwanted or unelected software included by manufacturers on new computers is called?

The main path of the Internet along which data travels the fastest is known as the internet?
Internet Back Bone

The two main types of software are system software and________?
Application software

Strong encryption now requires____ bit keys?

In the databases a category of data is called?

Is used to perform calculation and numerical analyses?
Spread Sheet software

The most common audio compression format is?

_____enables you to decide which features you want to install on the hard drive?
A custom installation

Quark Xpress is an example of
Desktop publishing software

Tips for a great presentation?
Be careful with color
use bullets
Font size

_____computing allows you to store date, files, and applications on the web and access and manipulate those files and applications from any device connected to the internet?

Types of multimedia and entertainment software?
Digital video
Video editing
app creation

Blackboard is an example of?
Oracle, myself, Microsoft Access

QuickBooks is an example of?
Accounting software

Dreamweaver is an example?
Web authoring software/web design

EULA stands for
End User License Agreement

A ____ version is an application that is still under development?

The processor market for desktop and laptop computers is dominated by

Which performance activités are carried out by the ALU?
Arithmetic logic unit

There are _____ levels of cache memory

________predicts that the capacity of a CPU will double every 2 years?
Mor's Law

Running the CPU at a faster speed than the manufacturer recommended is called?
Over clocking

ram is an example?
Volatile storage

Which is the lightest computer?

The audio subsystem consists of the speakers and

The CPU consists of which two parts?
control unit/artithemtic unit

The amount of RAM Storage is measured in?

In most current systems______ is the types of RAM used?

A video card can diveler output to multiple?

______provides high speed information processing by enabling a new set of instructions to start before the previous set is finished?
Hyper threading

Running the Disk Cleanup utility is a quick way to clear out?
unnecessarily files

The speed of a level of cache is impacted by?
Proximity to the CPU

______is a feature of a CPU that allows it to begins to fetch the next instruction before it has finished executing the current one?

Which of the ports are used to connect to a video card?
DUI Port, HDMI Ports, Display Port

Optical drives use a ______ to read and write data

When referring to hard dries, access time is measured in?

To speed up the display of graphics a ____ is installed on some video card?

In Dolby Digital 7.1, the .1 indicates a?
subwoofer speaker

Running the Disk Defragmenter utility will make the ____ work more _____
Hard Drive

To remove all the changes made to your system, the windows _____ utility returns your computer to the state it was when it came from the factory?

To securely erase data, the U.S Department of Defense suggest that the data be overwritten
7 times/multiple

_______automatically duplicates your data and saves it

Data______ ensures that the data contained in a database is accurate and reliable?
Data Integrity

______breaks down a problem into a series of high-level tasks and continues to break each task into successively more detailed subtasks
Top Down Design

The set of specific sequential steps that describes exactly what a computer programs must do to complete the work is called?

A small Java based program is called?
Java Applit

The keywords used in programming languages that use decisions to redirect the flow of a program are called?
controlled structure

If a school keeps two lists one for students registration and one for student financial information both containing name and address information this is an example of data?

What provides a visual representation of the patterns of an algorithm?
Flow Chart

______ is a combination of natural language and programming language that is used to document an algorithm
Pseudo Code

A data______ is a large scale electronic respority of data that contains and organizes all of an organization data in one place

In object oriented programing____ allows a new class to automatically use all the data and methods of its parent class

An example of a first generation language?
machine language

The capability of moving a completed programming solution easily from one type of computer to another is known as

Translating an algorithm into a programming language is called?

Before its final commercial release______ version of software may be offered to certain test sites to to interested user free or at reduced cost?

______database are the most commonly used electronic databases

_____ is used to ensure that data is organized most efficiently?

nontraditional data such as audio clips, videoclips, pictures, and very large documents are called
unstructured data

You would use a ____ to temporarily display records of residents of the city of Boston

A____ is a way of retrieving information from one ore more tables that defines a particular subset of data

A display a subset if data from table based on the specified criteria

Data Staging consists of which steps

In a transaction processing system if the TPs database van be queried and updated while the transaction is taking place is called?
real time processing

______ is the branch of computer science that attempts to create computers that think like humans
AI/ Artfical intelligence

Big data analytics is usually associated with ____ services
Data warehouse

_________the ability to law a single device to meet all of our media, internet, entertainment, and telephone needs
Digital Convergence

______they illustrate the loudness of a sound or the brightness of the colors in an image a given moment in time
Analog/continuous waves

_______a form of a voice based Internet communication that turns a standard Internet connection into a means to place phone calls, including long distance calls. Uses technology similar to that used in email to transmit your voice data digitally over the internet
NoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol)

______ some people regard sound quality and reliability issues as VIPs primary disadvantages when using VoIP at home. There is loss of service if power interrupted
Drawbacks of VoIP

_____a network of 21 satellites that constantly orbit earth. It uses an antenna to pick up the signals from these satellites and use special software to transform those signals into latitude and longitude
GPS (global positioning system)

______the federal communications commission mandated a GPS chip into every cellphone and smartphone to enable this program
Enhanced 911 program

_______the process of updating your data so your files are the same

WIRED: use a micro SD card or a USB cable to directly transfer data
WIRELESS: use a wireless connection to transfer data
Two ways to transfer information between your phone and computer

How does a wired transfer of data work?
Almost all phones designed to support USB once connected

How does a wireless transfer of data work?
The easiest way is to use a wireless connection to a cloud service. You can synchronize these services to your email.

_______ a technology that lets you send short text messages over cellular network to transmit messages
SMS (short message service)

_____ an extension of sms that lets you send messages that include text, sound, images, and video clips to other phones or email addresses
Multimedia message service(MMS)

_____enables you to use your phones cellular network to create a wireless network to create a wireless network to access the internet

_____ textual information captures digitally so that it can be stored, manipulated and transmitted by electronic devices
E-text )electronic text)

_______devices that can display e-text and have supporting tools, like note taking, bookmarks, and integrated dictionaries

_______intergrated dictionaries pull up a definition just by your highlighting a word. helps read foreign works
E-reader features

Signals such as sound and temperature, which continuously vary in strength and quality are said to be

Ist generation______ consisted of extruded plastic printing, melting plastic down and then pushing it into a mold to shape it
3-D printers

_______ the use of a single unifying device that handles media, Internet entertainment and telephone needs
Digital Convergence

______ chip converts sound waves from a voice into digital signals
Analog to digital

_____ the number of times that an analog wave is measured each second in an analog to digital conversion
Sampling rate

______ devices that communicate with each other with a single top
NFC ( Near field communications)

_____allows only limited use of media that have been legally purchased
DRM (digital rights management)

_____a term used to refer to various licensing plans that enable copyright holders to grant certain rights to the work while retaining other rights
Copy Left

______a rule that squeezes the same audio and video information into less space

When using a cell phone, a base transceiver station picks up a request for service and then passes the request to a central location called?
Mobile switching center

it has low to free cost, portability, make calls on a laptop or tablet, through a hotspot or network
Advantages of VoIP

____helps to ensure data integrity by maintaining information in only one place
Data centralization

______ a programming language that can be used to create a wide range of windows applications
Visual Basic

uses relational algebra to extract records from a database by using english like expressions that have variables and operation

The process that converts program code into machine language?

The internet is?
A large network of networks

The concepts of the internet was developed by the U.S Department of Defense as a network that_______ in event of an attack?
would not be disrupted easily

The world wide web was based on a protocol developed by?
Tim berners-lee

The "fathers of the Internet" are Vinton Cerf and?
robert Kahn

Software that enables you to display and interact with text and other media on the web is a web_____?

The Web is based on the______ protocol?
Hypertext transfer

All of the following are tips for professional email etiquette except?
Use abbreviation such as BRB to keep the email message shorter

Which of the following is not a proprietary instant messaging (IM) service)
LikedIn messenger

____ allows visitors to add, remove, to edit its content?

Which of the following are personal video journal entires posted on the web?

_____ is a personal journal posted on the web

Podcasts enable you to?
deliver audio/video files via RSS

____ is usually a live broadcast of audio or video content

Multimedia is anything that involves one or more of the following except?

______media are continuously fed to your browser so you don't have to wait for the entire file to completely download before listening to or watch it

All of the following are types of e-commerce business except

A subset of e-commerce that uses social networks to assist in marketing and purchasing in marketing and purchasing products is known as
social commerce

Which of the following is NOT a precaution to take when shopping online
Pay with a debit card, not a credit card

The "s" in https stands for______ socket layer

The browser feature which allows tabs to work independently from one another so if one crashes, the others may continue to work is known as
tab isolation

The unique address for a particular website is the

The URL the portion labeled .com is the
top level domain

In the URL the portion labeled /surface is the

in the URL labeled http is the

which of the following domains identifies a degrees granting institution

Which of the following is a feature of Live bookmarks?
adds RSS technology to bookmarks

AND, OR, and NOT are examples of_____ operators

The two major types software programs are utility programs and the
operating system

The______ of the operating enables users to communicate with the computer system?
User interface

OS x is the operating system developed by?

All of the following are examples of network operating systems except?

Which of the following capabilities of UNIX is false?
It is only for super computers

Most supercomputers use the_____ operating system?

Which of the following operating system are used on most tablets?
Android and iOS

Most smartphones use operating systems developed by?
Google and Apple

Which of the following i a proprietary OS for desktop and laptop computers?

Windows 10 uses____ account for easy access and storage of online files

The Mac OS was the first commercially available OS to incopertae
point and clock technology

Which of the following is NOT a user interface?
application programming interface (API

Using hard disk space to temporarily store data or instructions from RAM is referred to as the
virtual memory

Each device attached to your computer has a special program called a(n) ________ that enables the device and operating system to communicate with each other
device driver

Which of the following is the first step in the boot process?
The BIOS is activated by turning on the computer

The basic input/output system (BIOS) is stored on a ________ chip

All of the following are terms related to part of the boot process EXCEPT

In the late 1980s, computer specialists were concerned that proprietary software had too many ________, so they started working on open source projects.

C: denotes a(n) ________ directory that is at the top of the filing structure of a computer.

All of the following can be used in an OS X file name EXCEPT

The location of a file is specified by its
file path

Which of the following is the name of a Microsoft Excel file?

Deleted files on a Mac computer are moved to the

Which of the following Windows utility programs arranges pieces of files on your hard drive to allow for faster access?
Disk Defragmenter

Which of the following is NOT a Windows utility program?

You can use the Windows ________ to check on a nonresponsive program.
Task Manager

The ________ utility automatically creates duplicates of your libraries, desktops, contacts and favorites to another storage location.
File History