In what year Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) is established for the US Department of Defense? This agency creates the ARPANET - the beginnings of the internet.
ASCII code (character to binary)
What was developed in 1963 as the standard for computers from different manufacturers to exchange data?
When did researchers at UCLA send the first message via a networked computer system to researchers at Stanford University?
TCP/IP protocol
In 1973, Vincent Cerf and Bob Kahn developed a set of communication rules called the what that allow different types of computers to communicate?
Tim Berners-Lee developed and made public HTTP protocol and the World Wide Web in what year? (WWW is a subset of the internet that is connected via hypertext - text containing hyperlinks to other documents and media)
subset, HTML, information
The World Wide Web is only a s_______ of the Internet, dedicated to broadcasting ______ pages and the means by which we access i__________ over the internet.
hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)
The web is based on the H________ T_______ P________, which is why you see http:// at the beginning of web addresses.
web browser
Software that lets you display and interact with text and other media on the web. (a software application that lets you locate, view, and navigate the web. Some of the common ones are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari)
The computer connected to the internet that asks for data is what?
The computer connected to the internet that receives the requests and returns the data to the client is the what?
internet backbones
The transmission lines with the fastest speeds are referred to as what?
Web 2.0
Over time, our use of the web has evolved from passively browsing web pages that were created for us to actively creating our own web content and sharing and collaborating on it with others is referred to as what? It can be classified as the social web, in which the user is also a participant.
social networking
What refers to using the web to communicate and share information among your friends and others?
The primary means of communication over the Internet. It is a written message sent or received over the Internet.
instant messaging (IM)
Programs that let you communicate in real time over the Internet.
A website that allows users to add, remove, or edit its content. (It is created collaboratively by multiple users such as Wikipedia)
What consists of a series of audio or video files that are distributed over the internet? They deliver their content using Really Simple Syndication (RSS), which is a format that sends the latest content of its series automatically to an aggregator such as iTunes or Google Reader.
What is the broadcast of audio or video content over the Internet? It is most often live, streamed broadcasts.
web entertainment
Streaming audio and video, internet radio, MP3s, interactive gaming, and smart TV are all part of what?
Anything that involves one or more forms of media in addition to text. It includes graphics, audio files, and video files.
plug-ins (players)
Adobe Reader, Flash Player, QuickTime Player, Shockwave Player, Silverlight, and Windows Media Player are all popular what?
E-commerce (electronic commerce)
What is the process of conducting business online, such as through advertising and selling products?
business-to-consumer, business-to-business, consumer-to-consumer
What are the three different types of e-commerce?
Programs that track and log your keystrokes and can retrieve your private information
Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
You gain access to a website by typing in its address, called a what?
protocol, domain, top-level domain, paths
A URL is comprised of several parts, including the p_________, the d_______ n_______, the t_____-l_________ d_______, and p_______ (or subdirectories)
The URL is composed of several parts that help identify the web document it stands for: The __________ (set of rules) is used to retrieve the document. (HTTP and FTP) It governs how information is exchanged on a network.
domain name
The URL is composed of several parts that help identify the web document it stands for: Which part of the URL? - It consists of two parts; the site's host and a suffix that indicates the type of organization (e.g.: popsci.com) Popsci is the what? (com is the suffix)
The URL is composed of several parts that help identify the web document it stands for: the subdirectory is called the what? The information after the slash that indicates a particular file or _____ within the website. (e.g.: www.nytimes.com/pages/crosswords - everything after .com is the what?)
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
What does HTTP stand for? It is the protocol. It is the protocol that allows files to be transferred from a web server so that you can see them on your computer by using a browser.
Specially coded elements that let you jump from one web page to another within the same website or to another site altogether. It generally appears in a different color and is usually underlines, but sometimes as images.
breadcrumb trail
A navigation aid that shows users the path they have taken to get to a web page or where the page is located within the website. (a list of links you've visited WITHIN a website)
If you want an easy way to return to a specific web page, you can use your browser's what feature? It places a marker of the site's URL in an easily retrievable list in your browser's toolbar. (Internet Explorer calls this feature Favorites)
Another way to access your Bookmarks and Favorites from ANY computer is to use M____________, a free internet service that stores your bookmarks and favorites online.
live bookmarks
What is a feature in Firefox that adds the technology of RSS feeds to bookmarking? Safari and internet explorer also have built-in RSS readers, while Chrome requires that you add on an extension. It delivers live content updates to you as soon as they become available using RSS. Useful for the most up-to-date news stories, sports scores, or stock prices.
tagging, social bookmarking
t________ or s_______ b_________: saving content to a site so that you can share it with others. It is a KEYWORD or term that you assign to a web page, digital image, or video. (pg. 75/76)
search engine
A set of programs that searches the web for key words, specific words you wish to look for or query, and then returns a list of the sites on which those key words are found. It can be used to search for images, podcasts, and videos in addition to traditional text-based web content.
subject directory
A structured outline of websites organized by topics and subtopics; you can narrow down to a list of meaningful websites to look through.
spider, indexer program, search engine software
What are the three components of a search engine? (s______, i_______ p________, s________ e________ s____________)
Boolean operators
Using search engines: What are words such as AND, NOT, and OR that describe the relationships between keywords in a search?
internet protocol address (IP)
Unique ID numbers that are assigned to all computers connected to the Internet. It consists of a unique set of four numbers separated by dots such as
internet service provider (ISP)
What does ISP stand for?
digital subscriber line (DSL)
What is a technology for bringing high- bandwidth information to homes and small businesses over ordinary copper telephone lines. xDSL refers to different variations?
client/server network
A computer (or other device) connected to the Internet acts in one of two ways: as a client, a computer that asks for data, or a server, a computer that receives the request and returns the data to the client. Because the Internet uses clients and servers, it's referred to as what?
Cerf, Kahn
Two men who worked on the project, Vinton C____ and Robert K______, are generally acknowledged as the "fathers" of the Internet.
In 1993, the M________ browser, which could display graphics as well as text, was released.
Software installed on a computer that produces pop-up ads using your browser; the ads are often based on your browsing habits.
An online scam that uses e-mail to "fish" for users' private information by imitating legitimate companies.