The company expects this product shall be a fashion icon in the field of helmet. The price strategy of Chital is to bring the high quality products of children helmet with reasonable price. The expected price range will be VEND 250,000-300,000 for [email protected] brand and VEND 120,000-150,000 for Chital brand. With this price range Chital children helmets are lower than its competitors in Ho Chi Mini City market. . 4 Distribution Strategy At the current, Chital helmet mostly was distributed through three main channel as the rate 70% General Trade, 19% Modern Trade and advertising items for firms ( Chital website ).

In Ho Chi Mini city, Chi Than have 3 showroom, located at district 6, district Tan Bin and Bin Than. Beside the showrooms, company also have 124 helmet shop and 20 supermarkets that sell Chital helmet. They were take care by two sales representative. The distribution rate of Chital helmet Just only about 45% of market potential. Chital children helmets will be launch in Ho Chi Mini City through he available system firstly. After one month, make sure that Chital children helmet must be distribute 100% in 124 available shops and all of the Super market in Ho Chi Mini city.

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And forecast the distribution of Chital children helmet will be have 200 shops, catch 90% coverage all of the Ho Chi Mini market at the end of year 2013. And plan for open one new showroom in district 7, district Hoc Moon and Thud Duck every month in first quarter launching. Distribution plan for the period 2013-2016 Through the showroom system, Chital would like to bring customers the best services and customers can be rely to select many models and be consulted according to their stature and taste.

The customer service teams in the showroom system shall carefully instruct for usage and warranty regulations to maintain the best benefits for customers. Chital company Ltd. Also plans to organize a distribution channel to approach and cooperate with schools especially as primary and secondary schools in Ho Chi Mini City for Chital children helmets. Distribution plan will be support a lot by many of activations as discount for shops, promotion for consumer and events in schools, trade fairer ,... ,.. 6. Promotion Strategy The promotion program is applied for children helmets to increase sales.

Chi Than company Ltd. Shall organize many promotion programs to attract customers: there is special discount for the orders of more than 50 children helmets. The children comforter to resist dust and smoke will be offered when customers buy children helmets and the manufacturer also offers funny decals for children to stick on their helmets. Advertisement for children helmets will be strongly focused. Chital children helmet is advertised in magazine such as The CIO PH Nu, Tot & Exe May,.. ND newspaper such as Than Nine, Thou Tree,...

Beside that, Chital children helmet also is advertised on television, radio. Many panels will be set on the way and some place near primary and secondary schools. The number of panel forecast 40 units for all Ho Chi Mini city. Chi Than will be roll out the program " Growth up with Chital together" . According to this program, consumer will be discount 20% base on price if they buy small one before.