Childhood We were then Children with nothing but Childhood. We played kiss Tag and suicide which Was merely a game with Throwing, and running, and Touching the side of the School house before the thud Of the ball. You became The rumor of a girl Who missed high school English And dated the boys who Would have, should have, will have Been in jail. They said You fought with your parents And even ran away At Christmastime. I became The sweetheart of the high School staff with "Excellents," Ivy League potential, A chance to do great deeds And late nights alone in My room, worrying if A ninety was an "A" Or a "B." What we became Was friends for life who ran And then walked naked on The dunes of Moody Beach And talked of God and life As we shot our shots of Kamikaze and I Carried you out of the Bar with love.

What they saw Was the saver in me And the savee in you The lost girl who was back On track after all of That trash and even has A shot at college now Which means all the tea in China you know. What I see now Is the girl who saved me From torching my path through The sky. At breakneck speeds Towards oldness and deadness And all the monsters we Fought in youth, who wore ties, Breathed fire, and who worked more Than played. What you are now Is dropped out and free As you scheme to tag whales Off the coast of Wales or Study the Earth in New Zealand. But you still crashed Your car twice last week On the ice of Tatnic Road and I worry. What I am now Is learning, achieving, Interning.

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Taking notes, Gaining knowledge, looking At the future and all I could be, and grad school, Careers and how much I could Make and B.A.'s and b.s. And you worry. Rightly so.