Module Seven: Text Questions

Review Questions

  • 1: What are youth organizations? What is an example of a youth organization? - Youth organizations are organizations committed to helping, teaching, or supporting youths in some way. Girl scouts and boy scouts are examples.
  • 2: What is the scouting movement? What are its purposes? - Scouting is a youth movement and a group of loosely connected youth organizations aimed at helping young people develop physically, spiritually, and mentally. The purpose is two teach children.
  • 3: What are the benefits of volunteering? - Studies have indicated that teens who volunteer tend to do better in school than teens who do not volunteer.
  • 4: What is SADD? How has the organization changed since its founding? - The group was originally formed to educate youths about the dangers of drinking and driving and the use of illegal substances, and its original name was Students Against Drunk Driving. The group helped reduce the number of teens killed in drunk driving accidents from 6,000 to 2,000.
  • 5: What is personal development? Why is it important? - The process of gaining skills, knowledge, and experiences that can enhance your life, contribute to achieving your full potential, and help you reach your goals or aspirations. IT is important because you need to gain skills and have knowledge to have a succseful life.

Critical Thinking Questions

  • 1: What are the benefits of youth organizations? - You get to get to learn many new things and you have fun!
  • 2: How can parents help encourage the self development and growth of their children? - They can help support their child.
  • 3: How can positive parenting help a child's self-growth? - Positive parenting can help by encouraging their children to do things that will help them in their future.
  • 4: How can parents encourage volunteering or other community service by their children? - They can help supervise the children.
  • 5: How can parents help their children reach their goals? - They can encourage them.

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