What aspect about fries was important to Ray Kroc?
The preparation, having the same size, same look, and same taste.
Who was JR Simplot?
A potato farmer who invented the frozen fry
Why did Ray Kroc switch to frozen fries?
So every fry was the same and the workers didn't have to spend so much time peeling the potatoes, etc.
What has happened to small farmers in Idaho who grew potatoes?
They have been bought out by larger businesses
What kind of profit can fast food restaurants make on french fries?
20x higher than what they payed for them.
Who runs a "corporate farm?
It is ran by executives living in distant cities or states.
Why do scientists analyze French Fries in a laboratory? What do they then do?
They check their sugar content, color, and starch content. In the fall they add sugar to the fries; in the spring the reduce the amount of sugar in the fries. They do this to keep the same taste.
What was so special about the taste of McDonald's fries?
They use a specific, special oil that had beef fat in it.
What happens to food during processing techniques? How is this problem remedied?
when the food is made the flavor goes away and they create different flavors out of chemicals to add to them.
How is a smell created?
They mix chemicals to make artificial flavors; which gives its smell.
Why is it important for corporations to get young children to eat fast food?
If your parents take you to fast food, then you'll decide its good and you'll take your kids, they'll take their kids, and so on
How are smells and memory connected? why is it so important to fast food companies?
Whenever you smells something, it normally takes you back to a specific memory that you had with that smell. Its important because they'll remember McDonald's when they smell a McDonald's cheeseburger (it'll get more visitors to visit more than once)
Why does it matter that flavor companies don't have to list ingredients of additives?
Because they may be putting an unknown chemical in our food which may get us sick, and we may be poisoned.
How many ingredients might there be in a additive?
30 or more
What's the difference between natural and artificial flavors?
They use different methods to produce them; but they aren't always different.
What does "mouthfeel" mean?
The combination of textures you notice as you eat it.
How do artificial flavors compare to real flavors for children?
The children like the artificial flavors more.
How is the color red used in Dannon strawberry yogurt made?
They use dead bodies of bugs to make the red color and use cochineal which turns into carmine.
What's wrong with children eating unnaturally colored and flavored foods?
Its very unhealthy, and unsafe.
Why did some Hindu followers sue McDonald's?
Because they don't eat beef in their religion and the french fries had parts of beef fat in their oil.
How have small towns across the U.S. changed because of the fast food and automobile industry? What has been a lost as a result?
They have lost a lot of fields and family owned busnisses, and gained more people
What is "suburban sprawl"
More suburbs have spread out and grown up; also more neighborhoods.
How does McDonald's choose the best places for new restaurants? Where do they place them?
Ray Kroc used to fly over the neighborhoods and schools looking, now they use military satellite. They place them at busy intersections, and near schools.
Where do fast food chains put attractive girls? Why? Is this an acceptable practice?
They put them behind the counter to attract other customers. This is not acceptable because those who aren't as attractive can't get a job because they aren't "good looking" enough.
Who manages most of the fast food restaurants? Is this acceptable, why?
Teenagers manage it, its not acceptable because they aren't as mature and wise in decision making.
Who does the fast food industry like to hire the most? Why?
They hire teenagers because they accept low pay and long hours. They are unskilled workers.
How is the food cooked at Taco Bell? What is food preparation at fast food restaurants similar to?
"Just add hot water," its all assembled; not prepared. Its like an assembly line.
What kinds of workers do fast food restaurants need?
Upbeat, friendly people.
How long does a typical fast food restaurant stay at the job? What are reasons they leave?
A few months; they leave because pay is too low.
What is a "McJob"
its a job that's low-paying and little opportunity to get ahead.
What do studies show about kids that work more than twenty hours a week while attending school?
They cut class and drop out.
Why doesn't McDonald's give "excellent" or "exceptional" evaluations?
They don't want to have to pay more for those who get that "award"
What happened when Pascal tried to start a union at McDonald's?
They hired more people to outdo the signatures he needed.
What does "brand preference" mean? How do the corporations establish that?
It means that they are convincing people to like a certain brand; they do this by establishing a relationship early.
What did Ray Kroc and Walt Disney do to become successful?
They both knew how to hire the right people; and they linked products to peoples feelings.
What is "synergy" give an example.
Synergy is linking many products together to secretly advertise them all at once; snow white the move: they sold toys, clothes.
How did Kroc market McDonald's?
He marketed it by saying it was a safe, clean, all-american place for kids.
Who became the successful McDonald's mascot? Why was the first actor fired?
The first mascot was Ronald McDonald, they fired the first actor because he was too over-weight.
How was McDonaldland similar to Disney Land?
It had bright colors just like Disney Land; also the architect who helped Disney Land also helped McDonalds.
Why were the ways that children nag their parents studied at a university?
To get the kids to nag their parents into going to McDonalds, also to see their behavior.
What does "brand stickiness" mean? How does it work? What is another name for it?
Its how to make someone remember an ad; to play the same ad over and over, and another name for it is brainwashing
Is it acceptable to produce ads for young children? Why or why not?
No, its not good because its convincing them and telling them all these lies that they will just think are true and grow up thinking they are true.
Why do fast food restaurants build playlands and give out toys?
To bring in children; their parents spend money.
Who makes the "Happy Meal" Toy given out at McDonald's? Why is that a problem?
Fisherprice; its bad because its making the parents come back and spend more money because the kids want the next toy.