Charisma CHARISMA Charisma is often used to refer to individuals who have the gift of grace. A unique quality, charisma sets certain individuals above ordinary mortal so they are recognized as having exceptional powers. Found in everyday people and leaders of varied groups, charisma may lead to both good and evil. A successful charismatic leader doesnt necessarily have to be renowned by the whole world. An example of a leader that has a positive impact on our lives is a teacher.

His or her charisma and enthusiasm helps students create their own visions for the future. Teachers educate, inspire and guide us to be responsible individuals. They open our minds to the unlimited options and opportunities to achieve our goals. Teachers hold all the ideals of being a charismatic leader. A charismatic person is able to interact with other people and bring forth his or her ideas and visions.

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He or she is capable of gaining ultimate respect and the favor of the majority with the quality of charisma. In the book Lord of the Flies, a group of boys are stranded on an uninhabited island with no adult supervision. Ralph, one of the young boys, has natural qualities of leadership and therefore is elected as leader of the group. His charisma allows him to obtain this high position. Although this story is fiction, a great part of a successful leaders national success is his charisma.

He wins the favor and loyalty of his people by creating an atmosphere where he displays confidence in himself and his followers. Charismatic leaders movements are enthusiastic. They see well beyond their organizations current situation and develop an inspirational vision for the future that is different from the present and they are determined to carry out the vision. This type of leadership attracts people because they are deeply influenced by their leaders characteristics, abilities and visions. They pursue the leaders visions and build emotional attachment to him. They give him their loyalty and total support. Adolf Hitler and Franklin D. Roosevelt can both be classified as leaders with strong charisma even though they had different political aims.

Nevertheless, they were both supported and praised by their followers. Plato said that a leader must have charisma to be successful in all his actions. Without it a leader cannot fulfill his job and be head of any type of organization. Charisma holds essential value to become a leader. Continuous training or force cannot obtain charisma, the gift of grace.

It is something mystical. It is of divine origin. Philosophy Essays.