Characteristics of a good father I can still remember the conversation of some children in a nearby park a few months ago. “Hey, my father is a highly paid surgeon! ” “My father is a multi millionaire! ” “My father is a chartered accountant in Australia! ” “My father is a …” After each of these children finished boasting about their father, they turned to a boy around them and asked him, “What about your father? ” The boy without hesitating answered, “My father is here with me. ” Many times, we do not realise that a good father is more than just a man with a successful career. What makes a father a good father? Handsome?

Good social skills? Rich? Kind? There are a few characteristics of a good father. A good father should be a stable breadwinner. As a stable breadwinner, he must be able to provide for the family basic needs such as shelter, food, and clothes. These basic needs are vital for the family. They ensure that the family leads a good and healthy life. A good father also has to be willing to pay for his children’s education. Education plays an important role in children’s lives as children gain knowledge from studying in increasing stages. Children usually fall sick easily because they’re not strong enough to fight the virus in their body.

That’s why, a good father needs to pay for the children’s medical expenses when they fall sick. He should spend some money to buy appropriate supplements for the children so that they’re more resistant to diseases. Apart from that, a good father should be wise in time management. Nowadays, most fathers are busy working and have hectic work schedules. Many of them hardly have meals with their family. Therefore, no matter how busy a father could be, he should make an effort to have meals with his family. During the meals, a good father will take initiative to talk to the children and try to build a strong and firm relationship with them.

To some fathers, spending some time to have meals with the family is considered a difficult task. However, regardless of all the workload a father has to bear, he must not forget to make time for his children. It is very important for the children to receive love from both the parents. Who says a mother’s love is more powerful than a father’s love? They’re both important in the children’s eyes. Whenever there’s free time, a good father will take the opportunity to call home and have a talk with his children. Although it’s just short calls, it actually improves the relationship with the children bit by bit.

Furthermore, a good father has to be a good mentor. He must set a good example to the children through his actions. If a father loves his family, the children will also love the family. Day by day, the children will unconsciously practise the good qualities of the father in them. A good father will educate himself to be knowledgeable so that he can nurture and educate his children well. Books provide as much knowledge as children should know but some knowledge cannot be found in books. Therefore, a father takes on the role to tell the children other internal knowledge and information like their family history.

As a good mentor, a father is well-mannered. He will speak politely and respect the elderly ones. Through the father’s manner, children will also practise good attitude no matter where they are. Good manners such as table manners, respecting school teachers, and many more will be developed in them. Being a good father may seem tough to most fathers in the modern world because certain characteristics should be fulfilled. But I truthfully believe if a father really loves his family, he can surely be a good father. Good fathers can become leaders not only in the country but in the family. Fathers are the pillar and pride of their family!