Which of the following kinds of software consists of the programs that control or maintain the operations of a computer and its devices?

Which of the following is a set of programs containing instructions that coordinate all the activities among computer hardware resources?
operating system

A cross-platform application is one that run in what way?
the same on multiple operating systems

The operating system that a computer uses sometimes is called which of the following?

Which of the following is least likely to happen if problems are identified during startup?
computer/device will restore to default

Which of the following is the core of an operating systems that maintains the computer's clock, starts applications, and assigns the computer's resources, such as devices, programs, apps, data, and information?

The kernel remains in memory while the computer is running. In this way, the kernel is said to be which of the following?

With which of the following are users who shut down their computer or mobile device regularly least likely to be concerned about?
natural user interface

Which of the following is the process of starting or restarting a computer or mobile device?

Which of the following kinds of drives is the drive from which a personal computer starts?

With which of the following do users interact with menus and visual images such as icons, buttons, and other objects to issue commands?

In an interface like the one shown in the accompanying figure, a user types commands or presses special keys on the keyboard (such as function keys or key combinations) to enter data and instructions. What is the term for this kind of interface?
command line interface

When using a command-line interface the set of instructions entered into a computer is called which of the following languages?

Which of the following kinds of operating systems allow only one user to run one program or app at a time?
single user/single testing

Networks, servers, mainframes, and supercomputers allow hundreds to thousands of users to connect at the same time, and thus their operating systems are referred to as which of the following?

Which of the following consists of one or more chips on the motherboard that hold items such as data and instructions while the processor interprets and executes them?

In this kind of memory, the operating system allocates a portion of a storage medium, usually the hard disk or a USB flash drive, to function as additional RAM. What kind of memory is this?

Which of the following is a segment of memory or storage in which items are places while waiting to be transferred from an input device or to an output device?

As illustrated in the accompanying figure, which of the following processes sends documents to a buffer instead of sending them immediately to the printer?

Where do multiple documents line up in a printer?

What is the term for the process of swapping items between memory and storage?

Which of the following means the operating system automatically configures new devices as users install them?
plug n play

Which of the following is NOT a wireless internet connection?

Which file and disk management tool attempts to locate a file on your computer or mobile device based on specific criteria?

Which of the following is least likely to be the reason for an automatic update?
providing decryption

Which of the following regularly provides new features or corrections to a program?
providing ?

Who can establish standard user accounts that allow alterations to security settings?

Which of the following is a unique combination of characters, such as letters of the alphabet and/or numbers, that identifies one specific user?

Which of the following is a private combination of characters associated with a user name that allows access to certain computer resources?

Which of the following is NOT a desktop operating system?
google android

What term is sometimes used to describe a computer that runs a Windows operating system?

Which of the following are shortcuts to an app or other content in Windows?

Which browser is included with the Mac OS?

Linux is a kind of software whose code is provided for use, modification, and redistribution. What kind of software is this?
open source

What is another term for the operating system a computer uses?

What program is used to start and shut down a computer or mobile device, provide a user interface, manage programs and memory, and provide file management, among other functions?

What is the core of an operating system that manages memory and devices, maintains the internal clock, starts programs, and assigns the computer's resources?

What is the first step in the startup process of a computer?
power supply battery sends electrical current to securtiy

What does the booting process do?
starts/restarts computer

What can you use if the computer cannot start from its boot disk?
recovery media

What does the hibernate mode option do?
Saves any open docs/programs

Which of the following statements is not true about user interfaces?
computers today, use command/line interface

What type of operating systems allows two or more programs or apps to reside in memory at the same time?

When a computer is running multiple programs concurrently, what is the program that is in the foreground called?
active programming

What is the purpose of memory management?
optimize use of RAM

What is virtual memory?
portion of the hard disk

You have just written anew app to intercept documents from the operating system that are to be printed and place them in the queue. What is this app called?
Print Spooler

What happens when the computer is thrashing?
OS spends too much time paging

While waiting for devices to become idle so that they can receive additional instructions, where does the operating system place items?

The company for which you work has just released an updated device driver version. Which of the following is least likely to be the reason for the release?
manage new connection issues

What is the term for using a set of conditions to measure the performance of hardware in your network?

What is an error in a program called?

What job title is used for the person who uses the server operating system to add and remove users, install software, and administer network security?
network administrator

To prevent unauthorized users from reading data as it travels over a network, what process should the administrator specify?

How is an operating system that runs on computers provided by a variety of manufacturers classified?
device independant

A piece of software you use is privately owned and limited to a specific vendor. What is the term for this kind of software?

What is the definition of open source software?
code is provided for use and modification

Which of the following is an open source operating system?

You want an open source, Linux-based mobile operating system for a new smartphone your company is developing. Which of the following will you use?

You are using a technology to enable two devices to share contracts when they touch. What is the name for this technology?

Which of the following is a proprietary mobile operating system specifically made for Apple's mobile devices?

Which of the following is unlikely to be tested during the startup process?
Application files

Regardless of the size of the computer, most operating systems provide similar functions.

An operating system cannot run from an external drive.

The start-up process is very different for large and small computers.

Some parts of the operating system are resident; that is, these instructions remain on the hard disk until they are needed.

The nexus is the core of an operating system that manages memory and devices.

When turning on a computer that been powered off completely, users are performing a warm boot.

A cold boot is generally faster than a warm boot.

When a computer is running multiple programs concurrently, the one in the background is the active program; that is, the one currently in use.

Command-line interfaces give a user less control to manage detailed settings.

When a computer is running multiple programs, the applications running but not currently in use are in the foreground.

In addition to managing applications, an operating system manages other processes.

Even if users are working on multiple programs simultaneously, it is impossible to run out of RAM.

Because virtual memory is faster than RAM, users may notice the computer speeding up while it uses virtual memory.

With virtual memory when an operating system spends much of its time paging, instead of executing application software, it is said to be thrashing

A multiuser operating system always processes tasks on a first-come, first-served basis

If a new device, such as a printer or scanner, is attached to a computer, its driver must be installed before the device can be used

Operating systems rarely provide a means to establish internet connections

Some operating systems include a browser and an email program, enabling users to begin accessing the web and communicating with others as soon as they set up the Internet connection

If a computer is running extremely slowly, the performance monitor may determine that the computer's memory is being used to its maximum

Users are always aware when their computer or mobile device is corrupted

When you purchase a new computer, you can opt to establish an administrator account

Network administrators can set up a network to decrypt data as it travels over a network to prevent unauthorized users from reading the data

A device-dependent program runs on computers provided by a variety of manufacturers

In addition to being a desktop operating system, UNIX also is a server operating system

Client operating systems can operate with or without a network

Power users seldom work with UNIC because of its rigidity and vulnerability

Windows 8 is a UNIX-based operating system

Like other operating systems, Linux is proprietary software

Which of the following is unlikely to be tested during the startup process
application files