The preapproach
James, a medical sales representative has searched for potential customers and found qualified prospects. He has further targeted the prospects based on how much income they may generate for his company and how probable it is that they will become a customer. According to the personal selling process, which of the following steps should he prepare for next?
Public Relations
_____ is defined as nonpersonal communication focused on promoting positive relations between a firm and its stakeholders.
It should define specific objectives, determine the tasks required, and estimate the cost of each task.
Oceanus Ultra is a home water purifier. Its sales have declined by 25 percent over the past year due to an increase in competition. Oceanus Ultra must now decide about its promotional budget. According to the objective-and-task method, which of the following is the best strategy for Oceanus to follow?
It is a ratio showing how often people who see an advertisement end up clicking on it.
In the context of Internet advertising, which of the following is true of click-through rate (CTR)?
It estimates the cost of each task involved in promotion.
In the context of promotion mix budgeting strategies, which of the following is true of the objective-and-task approach?
Which of the following is the last step in the personal-selling process?
Which of the following promotion tools commonly involve problems due to misredemption practices?
Personal Selling
_____ results in immediate feedback from the customer since a salesperson can observe the nonverbal communication of the customer.
Persuasive Advertising
Mr. Thompson is a professor of Marketing at the local university. In the student orientation program, he addressed the freshmen regarding the advantages of taking Marketing as a major course. Which of the following types of advertising did Mr. Thompson use?
Public Relations
Annual reports, speeches, blogs, and brochures are tools used in which of the following promotional strategies?
Billboard banner
Which of the following promotional tools is a part of advertising?
Product Placement
Santé is a health drink. Its manufacturer has sponsored a football match between the two most-popular local schools in Memphis. It has provided the teams with t-shirts with its logo on it, put up banners in the playground, and set up stalls for the sale of its drink. The football match will be shown on television and viewed by many. Which of the following promotion techniques does Santé use in this case?
Loyalty programs
Chicago Inc., a leading retail store, has a chain of department stores across the United States. The products available at its outlets include cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, footwear, and home accessories. Chicago Inc. offers its customers a Gold Card to which points are added every time the customer's bill amount exceeds $500. These points can be accumulated and used for purchases at any of its outlets. Which of the following promotion mix elements is the cosmetic company using?
Integrated marketing communications
A(n) _____ strategy involves coordinating the various promotion mix elements to provide consumers with a clear and consistent message about a firm's products.
It gives organizations little control over how information is presented.
Which of the following is true of publicity?
Cold Calling
The traditional process of approaching unknown prospective customers or clients is known as:
_____ allow consumers to recoup a specified amount of money after making a single purchase.
asks a question and understands whether a customer wants to make a purchase based on his answer.
In the context of closing a sale during the personal selling process, assumptive close is a closing strategy where a salesperson:
Sales Promotion
Marketers of a cosmetic company are distributing free samples of its cream, Morning Aura. The company hopes that the strategy will result in an increase in sales if the sample is a hit. Which of the following promotion mix elements is the cosmetic company using in this case?
_____ is best defined as the dissemination of information, often by television, to a fairly small, select audience that is defined by its shared values, preferences, or demographic attributes.