Is the Daughters of Mary all women?
no; Sugar-girl's husband Otis attends the services
What happens when Lily goes to touch the heart of Our Lady of Chains?
June stops playing her cello causing Lily to freeze and pass out
What is Lily's first impression of Zach?
that he's handsome and that they will become good friends
What surprises Zach about Lily?
that Lily's white
Lily tells Zach, "You've got to hear of those things before you can imagine them." What is Zach's response?
"You gotta imagine what's never been"
What feelings does Lily discover when she and Zach go into the country to harvest honey?
that she's attracted to him
When Zach stops at a stop sign next to the Dixie Cafe, Lily declares she "will never throw rose petals to anybody." What happens next?
Lily begins to cry and Zach comforts her
Which famous writer is from Tiburon?
Willifred Merchant
What happens when Neil and June are picking tomatoes?
They get into a fight and June begins to throw tomatoes at Neil's car
What does August say is the whole problem with people?
"They know what matters, but they don't choose it"
What is the relationship of the queen bee to all of the other bees in the hive?
the queen is the mother to all bees in the hive
How does Lily feel when she and August go to collect honey and the bees come out and fly around her?
"I felt like the queen's attendants were out here in a frenzy of love, caressing me in a thousand places"
What news does Zach bring on the lunch feast day?
that Jack Palance is coming to Tiburon, and plans to bring a black woman to sit in the white section of the movies with him
Who is Jack Palance?
a movie star
Who does Lily call from Mr. Forrest's office? Why?
she calls T.Ray to ask him if he knew what her favorite color was
Who is Clayton Forrest?
lawyer who buys honey from August
Lily writes a letter to T.Ray then tears it up. That night, what does Lily do in the parlor?
Lily touches the heart of Mary and prays to her
What is the result of Lily and June's fight over the water sprinkler?
They end up laughing and June hugs Lily
Who believes people have steel plates in their head?
What does Lily discover May doing that made her have a strange, thick feeling inside
and made her feel trembly?
May lures roaches out of the house with graham cracker and marshmallow crumbs, just like Lily's mother did
What critical piece of information does May tell Lily?
May tells Lily that Deborah Fontanel stayed out in the honey house and was "the sweetest thing."
What happens when Zach and Lily ride to town to get a new radiator hose?
They see some of Zach's friends and the white men who were waiting for Jack Palance outside the movie theater. One of the boys throws a bottle at one of the white
men and gives him a bloody nose. Zach stands with the boys, and they are all arrested.
How does Lily get home after Zach's arrested?
She walks because she doesn't have the keys or money to call
How did May find out about Zach being arrested?
when she answered a phone call from Zach's mother
What happens to May when she finds out about Zach's being arrested?
She goes into a kind of a trance, and then she comes back
but isn't at all her usual self. She insists on going to the wall by herself.
What happens to May after she goes to the wailing wall for the last time?
She goes to the river, pulls a rock onto herself, and drowns herself in the river.
Who questions Lily and Rosaleen after May's death?
Eddie Hazelwurst
What messages does Lily have for May during the vigil?
She hopes May will be happier in heaven, to tell Mary that "we're doing our best to keep her memory going," and to find her mother and let her know that Lily is away from T. Ray and "would appreciate a sign letting her know you love her."
How does Zach get out of jail?
the ticket-taker at the movie theater finally comes forward to say which of the boys threw the bottle, and the charges against Zach are dropped.
What is August's reply when Lily asks if she believes putting black cloths over the hives
will help May get to heaven?
"Putting black cloths on the hives is for us. I do it to remind us that life
gives way into death, and then death turns around and gives way into life."
What brings Lily the most cause for gladness while the Daughters of Mary are holding
vigil for May?
Sugar-Girl makes a joke about white people, and no one there even thinks about Lily's being white. It is like she "was truly one of them."
What important message is in May's note to August and June?
"It's my time to die, and it's your time to live. Don't mess it up."
What is August's advice to June after reading May's note?
She advises June to marry Neil
What is Mary Day?
On the Feast of the Assumption, the Daughters of Mary have a two-day event in which they celebrate the feast day for Mary, remember Our Lady of Chains, and give thanks for the honey crop
When is Mary Day?
August 15
What big event happens on the first morning of Mary Day?
June announces that she will finally marry Neil
Who makes the hats in The Daughters of Mary?
Why does Lily leave the honey house while everyone seems to be meditating with Our Lady in Chains?
She can't stand to see Mary wrapped in chains, and she doesn't want to meditate or remember the past
What promise does Zach make to Lily?
"One day, after I've gone away and become somebody, I'm gonna find you,
and we'll be together then."
On what Mary Day does Lily finally talk to August?
the second day (august 16)
When Lily looks into the book called Mary Through The Ages in August's room, what most shocks her?
In every picture where the angel Gabriel comes to tell her she is going to have "the baby of babies," he has a big white lily for her
What reason does August give Lily for not telling her sooner about her mother?
"Because you weren't ready to know about her. I didn't want to risk you running away again"
Why did June treat Lily so badly when she first came to the Boatwrights' house?
June resented Lily's mother because August had gone to work at Lily's mother's house
Who was Tica Tee?
Lily's mother's imaginary friend
Why did Deborah Fontanel come to Sylvan?
Her mother died, leaving her alone. A friend of hers had recently moved to Sylvan and
recommended it to her
Why did Deborah marry T. Ray?
She was pregnant with Lily
What does August tell Lily about her mother that makes Lily say, "I hate her"?
August tells Lily that Deborah had come to Tiburon by herself, leaving Lily with T.Ray
What has August had to live without knowing all these years?
never knowing exactly how Deborah died
What are August's parting words to Lily as she stands in the doorway after putting her
to bed on the night of their big conversation?
"There is nothing perfect. There is only life."
What does Lily do after August leaves her in the honey house after their talk?
She becomes angry, gets up and smashes the of the honey jars. Then, she sits down in front of the black Madonna, drained, and falls asleep
What is Rosaleen's response when Lily asks her why she never told her what she knew
about her mother?
"Oh, Lily. Why would I go and hurt you with something like that?"
Why do the Daughters of Mary rub honey all over Our Lady?
believed it was a preservative and that it would preserve her for another year
What does the hat box August brings to Lily in the honey house contain?
1) a pocket mirror
2) a brush with a hair still in it
3) a gold whale-shaped pin
4) a book of English poetry August
had given her
5) a picture of Deborah and Lily.
Why is the photograph in the hat box so important?
it shows Lily that her mother loved her, serving as the sign she had been hoping for.
How does having her mother's things and knowing the whole story affect Lily? What
does she do?
Lily pulls away into herself, wanting to be alone. She spends a period of time thinking,
trying not to think, and grieving
Where does Rosaleen go in her new red dress with big white flowers?
to register to vote
After talking with Zach on the telephone, Lily thinks, "Both of us, it seemed like, were
doomed to misery." What does she mean?
She thinks she is doomed to go back to living with T. Ray and Zach is going to a white high school
Lily sees August and June hugging on the floor. What does August say to June that she
intends also for Lily?
"Regrets don't help anything, you know that."
What does August take Lily out to see first thing in the morning?
to see a queenless colony of bees
What happens to the bees when the queen dies?
they stop working and eventually die out
What does August tell Lily that she always wants Lily to remember?
"Our Lady is not some magical being out there somewhere, like a fairy
godmother. She's not the statue in the parlor. She's something inside you"
How does T. Ray find Lily?
His phone bill had a collect call from Mr. Clayton Forrest's office. He goes to the office
and the secretary tells him where to find Lily
What is Mr. Forrest's secretary's name?
Miss Lacy
What happens in the afternoon after August had taken Lily to see the queenless colony?
T. Ray comes to the Boatwrights' house to take Lily home
How does Lily act when T.Ray comes inside the Boatwrights' house?
calm and well-mannered
Who gave Deborah the gold whale-shaped pin and when?
T.Ray gave her the pin for her 22nd birthday
What happens to T. Ray when he finds out that Deborah had been at the Boatwrights'
home when she left him?
T. Ray confuses Lily with Deborah. He hits her and tells her she would never leave him again. He threatens her with a knife
Why did T.Ray confuse Lily with Deborah
1) she looks like her
2) she was wearing the pin
What brings T. Ray back to his senses?
Lily yells, "Daddy!"
What declaration does Lily make to T. Ray?
She tells him she will not go back with him
Who comes to help Lily in her struggle against T. Ray?
August and Rosaleen are the first to arrive, but Lily waves them off. Then, the other
available Daughters of Mary arrive
What does August do to help diffuse the situation between T. Ray and Lily?
She says that T. Ray would be doing them all a favor by letting Lily stay, and she promises to take good care of Lily and keep her straight. She gives him a way out of the situation.
Lily runs after T. Ray as he leaves, yelling for him to stop. What does she ask him, and
what is his response?
Lily asks him for the truth about her mother's death, if she really did accidentally kill her mother. T. Ray softens and confesses that she really did do it without meaning to
Who is Becca?
Becca is Clayton Forrest's daughter who goes to school with Lily
What happens to Becca and Lily at school?
They are teased for associating themselves with Zach and are hit with paper balls
What is the closing image of the novel?
The eight strong women in Lily's life are standing behind, forming the motherly figure she needed