Kuketz v. Petronelli
-wheelchair racquetball player wanted accommodations to play in able-bodied tournament.
-ruling - accommodations of inserting rule changes request unreasonable
--> Reasonable Accommodation <--
Cohen v. Brown University
-demoted 4 school teams to club teams (2M/2F)
-female coaches lost office space
-ruling = brown not providing equitable opportunities
--> Equitable participation Opportunities <--
Jennings v. University of North Carolina
-coach jennings constantly asked personal questions and made sexual comments about players body (female team)
-->Sexual Harassament <--
Elliot v. Delaware State University
- white player racially harassed by black roommates
-when player complained, coach (black) made life living hell
--> ruling = summary judgement on counts of racial discrimination and hostile environment <-- **Reverse Discrimination**
Knapp v. Northwestern University
-basketball player recruited without knowing he had a heart condition (which wasn't covered under disability act), forced to sit out by team physicians based on medical research and documents
-ruling = Knapp won because disability wasn't covered under ADA
--> Physical Disabilities (discrimination)<--
Dennin v. Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference
-19 y.o. with down syndrome on high school swim team not allowed to participate in meet because of age (held back in middle school)
-ruling = Dennin won due to accommodations that could have been made were reasonable
--> Learning Disabilities (Discrimination) <--
Mathews v. NCAA
-football player suffered from learning disability (covered under ADA)
-school argued lack of effort and poor attendance was reason they didn't give him 75/25 waiver (for when he could take classes)
-ruling = in favor of kid (Mathews)
--> Title III of ADA (school is place of public accomodation) <--
NCAA v. Yeo
-Star swimmer from Singapore on scholarship not allowed swim due to transferring from one school to another (when original coach left) and needing to sit out for full academic year
-didn't enroll in classes following semester to compete in Olympics, thus didn't serve time for that semester because she had "no protected interest in college athletics" at the time
--> Transfer Rule <--
Derdeyn v. University of Colorado
-Implemented drug testing rule based on "reasonable suspicion" combined by NCAA rule of random drug testing
-ruling = rule implemented was unreasonable and court filed permanent injunction against it
-->Unreasonable Drug Testing <--
Veronia School District 47J v. Acton
-7th grade football player drug tested
-reasons court upheld decision because: 1) athlete was a minor 2) sample collection monitored (hearing) 3) School district claimed existence of large-scale drug abuse crisis led by athletes
Chandler v. James
-Alabama initiated statue permitting nonsectarian, non-proselytizing student-initiated prayer during school-related events and sports events.
-sued for violation of establishment clause
-ruling = permanent injunction filed by court