The tropics were warm all year-round. The center of the tropical zone is marked by the equator. The rainy and dry seasons in the Indian Ocean reflect the influence of monsoons. To accommodate the uneven distribution of rainfall, South Indian farmers constructed elaborate irrigation canals. Empires of Mail in West Africa and Delhi in Southern Asia both utilized Islamic administration. Mansa Kankan Musa made a famous pilgrimage that served to demonstrate the enormous wealth of his country. In addition to fulfilling his religious obligation, Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage resulted in construction of new mosques and Quaranic schools. The Turkish invaders successfully invaded India due to the division of India into small states. Sultan Iltutmish passed his empire to Raziya, his daughter. The characteristic ship of the Arabian Sea was the dhow.

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The largest most advanced ship in the Indian Ocean was the Chinese Junk. The largest, most advanced ship in the Indian Ocean trade were tied together by commercial interests. By 1250 the most important trading city of Swahili coast was Kilwa. As trade increased in the 14th and 15th centuries, the Strait of Malacca became the center of political rivalry between Majaphit and Chinese Pirates. Because of the trade through the Strait of Malacca, Malacca became an important port and became a meeting place for traders from around the European world. In India, Islamic invasion practically destroyed the last strongholds of Buddhism. The Delhi Sultans controlled their empire in India by terror and high taxes.

Although the Delhi Sultanate had its problems, it did provide a centralized political authority to India. The economic and political power of Great Zimbabwe was based on long distance trade in gold, copper, and salt. The city of Aden in Arabia was an excellent location for growing grain and a convenient stopover for traders from India. The prosperity of the Asian and African kingdoms from 1200 to 1500 was accompanied by the growth of slavery.


What evidence supports the belief that eastern Pacific islands were settled as a result of planned expeditions by Polynesian mariners?

All of These How did the rise of medieval Islam gibe trade in the Indian Ocean an important boost? All of These The Ming Empire attempted to create new Indian Ocean contacts by sending out seven imperial fleets between 1405 and 1433. The Chinese treasure ships of Zheng He carried silks, metals, and other valuable goals as gifts for distant rulers. Why did the Ming court suspend the Voyages of Zhen He? The government believed that little could be gained by exploring. The greatest mariners of the Atlantic in the early Middle Ages were the Vikings. In addition to sailing up the Pacific coast, early Amerindians from South America also colonized the West Indies. What 2 nations began a maritime revolution that profoundly altered the course of world history? Portugal and Spain Why didn’t the Indian states take a lead in exploring the Atlantic? The ships of the Mediterranean were ill suited to the Atlantic and the trading states of Venice and Genoa preferred a system of alliances with the Muslims. Which of the following is a reason for Iberian overseas exploration? None of these. Prince Henry of Portugal was known as Henry the Navigator because he devoted his life to promoting exploration. The advantage of the caravel was that it was All of These. The first Portuguese explorer to reach the southern tip of Africa and the Indian Ocean was Bartholomew Diaz. Christopher Columbus was from Genoa. Columbus expected to reach the West Indies. False Columbus carried a letter from Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand to the Chinese Empire. True The powerful African kingdom of Renib of West Africa limited their contact with the Portuguese by declining offers to receive missionaries.

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True. The first Portuguese who landed in India were greeted with panic and fear.

False. The Portuguese focus in the eastern Indian Ocean was on Hong Kong.

False. The result of Portuguese domination of Indian Ocean trade routes was All of these.

The difference between the Spanish Empire and the Portuguese Empire was the Spanish was a territorial empire and the Portuguese was a trading empire. Conquistador means conqueror. Spanish capture of the Aztec capital was assisted by disease.