Walton's letters
In the beginning of the novel, Captain Walton writes letters to his sister retelling the story Frankenstein told him about the monster's experiences
Walton's letters (cont.)
This structure parallels the novels themes; taking us below the surface of reality, deeper and deeper in guilt
Frame Device
The tale is told to us by someone who reads it or hears it from someone else
3 Narrarators
Walton (first), Frankenstein (second), and the Monster (third)
Chapter one
-Father married his friends daughter
-Victor was born in Italy
-5 years later, she adopts Elizabeth
-Victor and Elizabeth were planned to get married
Chapter two
-Explains Victor's fortunate childhood (with Henry Clerval and Elizabeth)
-Victor expressed his interest for more supernatural things opposed to reality
-13 years old, went to a party and was introduced to books written by famous philosophers. Dad discouraged him.
-15 years old, witnessed a thunderstorm that electrocuted a tree and introduced the idea of electricity to him
Chapter three
-Elizabeth gets sick with scarlet fever and her mother cares to her, her mother gets sick and dies
-Victor heads onto Ingolstadt
-Meets M.Krempe who was negative towards him and criticized him for reading about natural philosophers
-Meets M.Waldman who got him interested in chemistry and encouraged him to study what he loves
Chapter four
-Stayed at Ingolstadt for 2 years and lost connection with his family.
-Claims he discovered the mystery of life (and how to create life)
-Spent months collecting parts to recreate a human, got materials from charnel houses
-This went on in his secret hiding spot which was in the attic of his house separated by a set of stairs
-Through this time of making the monster, many months pass and he slowly becomes very anxious (and sick) and afraid of normal things
Chapter five
-A rainy (theme; transition) night in November the monster came alive and Victor became very scared and ran out (theme; abandonment)
-*previously had a dream he was hugging Elizabeth in Ingolstadt and she turned into his dead mothers corpse
-The next morning he walked through town and saw Henrey Clerval at the horse and carriage stop (ironic)
-Henrey explains how everyone is worried about him from not hearing from him
-Victor expresses his sickness to Henry and he treats Victor for a couple of months
-Regains "sane"ness, and writes back to his family
Chapter six
-Reads Elizabeths letter about her locket being in Justine's possession (hint) and how much she misses him
-As he walks around the campus of Ingolstadt certain things react his anxiety attacks
Chapter seven
-Received another letter saying William was murderer and to come home immediately
-It takes him 2 days to come home because he stops in the forest during a thunder storm, claiming he sees the monster
-When he gets home everyone is heartbroken, and believe that Justine is innocent
Chapter eight
-Justine admits to the crime that she was accused of committing
-Tells Elizabeth and Victor she is innocent
-Justine is executed
-Victor feels guilty because he knows the monster did it, and he was basically responsible for Justine's death
Chapter nine
-Victor becomes very upset, and contemplates suicide
-Victors dad takes his family on a vacation to the family home in "Belrive"
-Victors wanders alone through the valley when he arrives, and becomes happier through his journey
Chapter ten
-On a rainy day Victor feels upset again, and decided to go outside
-When he get to the top of the glacier he sees the monster
-Victors is mad and scared and starts cursing him off
-The monster is talking perfect English, and leads Victor into a cave to explain to him how his life has change after Victor abandoned him