Describing it further, Mr. Chad Ian Lieberman stated that the concept of the Minuscule ArtJustick phone was developed and first shown at the RATEC technology convention held recently held In Japan. "The convention featured a number of futurlstlc cell phone device concepts," he added, "but my attention was especially piqued by the ArtJustlck technology. It comes with a usable display screen and keyboard which Is accessed by turning the phone to its side. " He further expounded, stating that what jumped at him about the Art]ustick ell phone was its extremely small size.

This, he stated, made the phone ideal for everyone who doesn't fancy using bigger phones, or for whom having bulky things would be inconvenient to their business. The phone can easily be carried undetected on one's person, which is a big selling point for the technology. "The functionality of gadgets today and in the future has been significantly improved by technological advances," he noted emphatically, stating that futuristic cell phone technology is aimed at Improving convenience without sacrificing functionality in the process.

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The inuscule ArtJustlck cell phone is literally the size of a pen, which is Just difficult to fathom. However, the size In no way Interferes with Its usability, If the demonstration at the RATEC convention In conclusion, he expressed excitement at the direction taken by future technology, stating that he couldn't wait to see the next crop of futuristic devices on demonstration in coming conventions. "At this rate, we're in for an unbelievably cool future, one that you cannot even begin to imagine! About New York Chad Lieberman & Chad Lieberman New York was started over 11 years ago, and it boasts a umulative experience in easy and cost effective search engine marketing services, including search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, online reputation management, linking and PPC management to help businesses of all kinds remain competltlve and Increase their visibility on the major portals and search engines.